2020 Poll Observers blocked

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When Poll observers (required by law) are blocked. The poll counters cheer as GOP watchers are removed. Then videos emerge of their training where they are teaching poll counters how to obstruct the Republicans from watching the count (and laugh about it). When they fight in court against allowing observers, and lose, and still they delay, obstruct and don't allow them to watch. They put cardboard boxes up over the windows so people can't see in. Then when they are forced to finally allow them in, after hundreds of thousands of votes magically go to Biden, and they are told 6' distance, so then they move the machine tables away further so people can't see what's going on. Even then they only allow a ratio of 3:1 Dem to Republican observers. When the poll counters are wearing Biden campaign hats. That's a red flag -- and it demands a recount.


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2020 Voter Fraud
This is a list of some of the questionable things going on with the 2020 Election vote. Some of these may get proven as just suspicious later, many may never be proven, but all are sketchy outliers that offer reasonable people a reason for concern. Evidence includes: ArizonaBenford's Law and MathBig Tech CensorshipCaliforniaCampaign Crowd SizeDead votesDemocrat ReactionDominionElection Fraud WitnessesGeorgiaHammer and ScorecardLate night vote spikesLawsuitsMichiganMinnesotaNevadaNorth CarolinaOutcomesPennsylvaniaPolls disasterously wrongVindicationVirginiaVote RatiosWisconsin • It's not about this election, it's about all of them. If Democrats can get away with this, and suppress a reasonable investigation, then they will do it again. That will disenfranchise 70M+ voters who are getting cheated, or believe they are getting cheated, and that will tear the republic apart.