2020 Polls disasterously wrong

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I was right that the polls were going to be wrong. They were off by over 17 points in many cases. Which means that CNN, WaPo, 538, NYT and all their experts were either incompetent, liars or both. I think both. Whether they were willfully ignorant, fraudulent or incompetent doesn't change that this was a form of Voter Fraud: they manipulated voters with a false beliefs, just like FakeNews, Bias, selective fact checking, lies of omissions and censorship does. This is a form of voter suppression and manipulation -- and if Russia did it to us on a large scale, there would be dramatic foreign policy consequences. Because it was our leftist "media" it will be ignored.

Remember, had plenty of reasons to believe they weren't reporting the facts, and they ignored them because ignoring it fit their agenda better. Even Michael Moore was calling bullshit. Polling as a credible profession is gone... and they have no one to blame but themselves.

This is also a vindication that the media skews so far left (by offering no counter-balances), that they DESTROYED their credibility. While they suffocated the Hunter Biden story before the election, they will eat their own now that the election is over. That's only going to cement in how corrupt they are/were.


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2020 Voter Fraud
This is a list of some of the questionable things going on with the 2020 Election vote. Some of these may get proven as just suspicious later, many may never be proven, but all are sketchy outliers that offer reasonable people a reason for concern. Evidence includes: ArizonaBenford's Law and MathBig Tech CensorshipCaliforniaCampaign Crowd SizeDead votesDemocrat ReactionDominionElection Fraud WitnessesGeorgiaHammer and ScorecardLate night vote spikesLawsuitsMichiganMinnesotaNevadaNorth CarolinaOutcomesPennsylvaniaPoll Observers blockedVindicationVirginiaVote RatiosWisconsin • It's not about this election, it's about all of them. If Democrats can get away with this, and suppress a reasonable investigation, then they will do it again. That will disenfranchise 70M+ voters who are getting cheated, or believe they are getting cheated, and that will tear the republic apart.
Election 2020
Joe Biden just called the Presidents family and demanded he concede the election. Unfortunately he called the Reagan family. I was correct in predicting the polls were way off: whatever the final outcome, the pollsters, CNN, WaPo and NYT were terribly wrong, again, perpetuating what later turned out to be FakeNews to harm the standing President. One needs to ask, "Bug" or "Feature". Since they are using double-standards on when to announce a winner, with always premature on (D) and always demanding patience when (R), I think we know the answer. And it's not just at getting the public the truth.