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I did 23andMe, just because it's fun to see the mutt that I am. My ancestors humped their way across the globe. According to Family I was 50% Iranian, 25% German, 25% Italian. Genetics told a different story:

  • 69% european: 35% south, 26% north, 0.4% east, 6.8% broadly. It includes mostly Italian from the south (35%), 26% british/irish from North (with a bit of Scandinavian and Finnish)
  • 28.4% Middle eastern (a little North African). I claim one drop of African qualifies me to sign along to rap songs. My Black step-Dad says it needs to be 20% (probably because he doesn't like my singing)
  • 1.4% east asian: Yakut, Mongolian, Japanese, and...
  • Native American: More than Elizabeth Warren. Now I want an Indian name like, "Mosquito in Wigwam", "Wandering Troll", or something cool like that.
  • <4% Neanderthal -- which is less than 75% of the population. My family seemed to have Yellow Fever more than they liked humping apes.
  • 1.2% mystery meat (unassigned)

I was asking relatives, "where the heck did the British/Irish and native American come in?"... and I got back, "well your Great Grandmother was a Redheaded American Royalty".... yeah, that might have something to do with it. It's amazing the information you can get when you learn to ask the right questions...