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A 24 year old guy, Carson King, put up a sign at a televised "College GameDay" that said "Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished" with his Venmo username. He raised thousands of dollars by accident, and when he said he was donating it to the local children's hospital, a couple of sponsors agreed to match it. And via publicity for that, he raised over $2M. So a reporter (Aaron Calvin) that's part of, or preying on, the cancel culture, decided to investigate Carson and pointed out that he'd made two racially insulting tweets in his mid teens (shocking I know), as if that's relevant to his current act of charity. Carson immediately apologized. There was a backlash against the Paper/Reporter, and people dug into the reporters (Aaron Calvin) background, and found racially insensitive tweets he'd made... and the Aaron was fired. Instead of apologizing for being a douche or his own bad tweets, he blamed "right-wing ideologues" for his firing and suggested he'd experienced oppression like "women and journalists of color" face in the industry. Cry me a river pouty McTroll, you're just mad because your hate post boomeranged.


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