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They say "you are what you do", you're the sum of your work, and your work is a reflection of your soul. While some of Sorkin's stuff is mildly entertaining, I'd be embarrassed if I was him. Of course he probably isn't, which tells me what I need to know about him.


Here's just a few the lowlights that define who he is, and what he's about: Sorkin : 3 items

Sorkin Letter to Daughter - If you want to know what kind of non-partisan, balanced and tolerant human being Aaron Sorkin is, you need to look no further than Sorkin's response to his Daughter over his side losing an election. Here's a kind of person he is, to assuage the fears he'd injected in his daughter, this sort of sums it the kind of reserved balance, olive-branch moderation, and well reasoned appeals that is the very best Hollywood Director can muster, to keep from polarizing his children, and offering them a balanced look at the nation, and half the people in it.

Steve Jobs (2015) -
A fictionalized drama-mentory retelling of Steve Jobs life, by an ultra-Liberal director (Aaron Sorkin). Reviewers preferred it more than audiences +13% (86/73). While the dialog and story is the best of the rash of Steve Jobs pseudo-biographies, this one captured the spirit of many things better, while getting too many actual facts wrong. It would have been great, if only they were fictional characters.

The Newsroom -
I watched The Newsroom, after it was getting absurd amounts of adoration from my left of center friends. And for me it was Sorkin's usual anally-injected leftist dogma under the cover of machine-gun prose and fake objectivity. I watched the first error ridden diatribe, full of errors and falsehoods, and couldn't bring myself to watch any other episodes. It was so insulting (and so loved by people that didn't know better), that I immediately put Sorkin into the same category as Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and other cult leaders. Then I wrote this line-by-line takedown of the opening monologue. When the series ended 2 years later, I feel like the world became a better place for it being over. If you want to look how America became so divided, shows like this are a great example.