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Anarchy in the U.S.A.

While the far left will misrepresent any reasonable restriction as trying to "take away a woman's right to choose" or "war on reproductive rights", the truth is most people (including Republicans) support abortion in the first trimester (especially in cases of rape/health of mother). The real question is where are the reasonable places to limit abortions. The dems attack because they don't want to have to defend their fanatical position on the following:

  • Spousal notification - a father can be forced to pay for a child he has no say in, including the ability to test to see if it is really his
  • Parental notification of minors - parents get no say in their child's decision (only procedure your child can get without permission)
  • Informed consent - can you make clinics explain the risks of abortion, or how far in development the fetus is
  • State/Community rights - do you allow communities to set different standards, or is this a federal-only issue?
  • Financing - forcing other people (including churches or the morally opposed) to pay for abortions
  • Any limits - the left supports abortions of full term babies (and beyond). Most of the public does not.


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