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Fixing a non-problem: Adobe proudly claimed they'd solved the worlds problems by allowing people to pick their gender pronouns in Slack, and soon on Workday. Oh boy... there are at least a half a dozen people this impacts in a company of 20,000+, assuming those people are too snowflakey to handle the normal processes for selecting gender. I was pounding my head on the desk. There's two genders, period. Everything else is about sexual preference, which is none of corporate's business. The left demands that we destroy and re-invent the language, to prove we're part of the PC clique and willing to put conformity above sanity. But this impacts no one that should matter. I believe in giving my trans friends respect and going along with he or she as they wish. But I also believe if they want to demand I call them some made up shit like Ze or Zir, then I'm going to demand they call me Lord and Savior. If they don't honor my request, then we know they're just special snowflakes demanding special attention because they need to feel special and accommodated. None of that increase my respect for them as people that can empathize with others, and what they are truly demanding.

2019.09.12 Adobe for All?
There's this program called "Adobe for All" -- which originated out of the Adobe for Women efforts. These were/are efforts that allow Women to shadow execs, Women to have Women speakers, and stuff like that that are denied/discouraged for men. Later, the "for All" really meant all minorities... straight white males need not apply. They try harder, and are slightly better than a Google or a Facebook at not being completely anti-white-male douches about it... but only slightly better. There's still an undertone and history that makes it fundamentally bigoted and flawed from the premise to the implementation. Men at Adobe know that while they created and built the company, they are second class civitizens, in the name of diversity indoctrination and hypocritical efforts to be politically correct.