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There are really two different histories of America -- the one that I know existed based on extensive reading and studying of history, and the one that some of my left of center friends know by repeating what they were taught in School/Universities, what they read in their version of the media, or what they really want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary. Without someone having an accurate understanding of the past, they have a distorted view of the present, and no ability to understand what's coming in the future. Which explains how they can demand such ruinous things with the glee of a cult follower reaching for their glass of flavor aid. Thus our realities will only occasionally intersect, and when they do, it's usually not a great reaction.

There's real history, and the left's history -- they have very little in common. Very little. When I read Howard Zinn, or Karl Marx's view of the world -- it sounds like an average far left intersectional Democrats view of the world. While it has names in common with mine, the facts have been changed to protect the guilty and convict the innocent.

Issue Lie Truth
1619 Project 1619 is a History effort, lead by the NYT to educate people on the evils of Slavery and America. It was the impetus behind most things and makes the founding fathers (and the Nation) into racist hypocrites. This whole project is looking at America through a Progressive America haters lens. It pretends our DNA is infected with Slavery and Racism, and seen through that lens there's nothing we can do to change our DNA or History, thus we're doomed in perpetuity for the sins of our fathers.
You didn't build that You didn’t create that, you built it on the backs of government. Government built itself on the backs of individuals and the private sector. Without government, we’d still have innovated and created things (including government). But without private innovations and big government, we’d all look like North Korea or Cuba or USSR: drab, grey cinderblock row houses, filled with wage slaves to the state.
Government made the iPhone Government created the iPhone, not Steve Jobs or Apple, proven by GPS Music Player = private. Cell Phone = private. Browser = mostly private. So government gave us what? GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) which was a Satellite implementation of a civilian idea... and it only augment one small feature of smartphones (positioning for maps). And it was still the civilian sector that innovated and made the technology affordable. The private sector pays for government, not the other way around.
Some People Mean old Islamaphobic Donald Trump is trying to get poor Ilhan Omar killed, by showing a video of her saying what George Bush did. In the real world, a racist Democrat said a dumb thing, and the President re-tweeted it because it was political gold, showing how out of touch the far left is with the average American, that they can't even admit 9/11 was Islamic Terrorism, and was a bad thing that shouldn't be politicized by the left or a Muslim, to pretend they care more than everyone else.
40 Hour work week Unions gave us the 40 hour work week. Henry Ford (Capitalism) standardized on the 40 hour work-week, most others had adopted it, and then the Federal Government created a regulation (FLSA) that said we should adopt the 44 hour work week for the very few remaining.
What happened on and after 9/11 The left's revisions of history is that after 9/11, they behaved well and that the nation came together. Then the Iraq War and the Bush Lies divided us. The truth is that the left blamed the U.S. for 9/11 from the start, used it as an opportunity to divide us (as they always do), and many of the historical revisions they do to this day, polarize us between those who remember what happened, and the Democrats.

(Disclosure: I'm pro-choice first trimester,
pro-life at viability, like most Americans)

Republicans would take away a woman's choice, late term abortions are mostly done for health of the mother/baby, Roe v Wade was good law and protects a Woman's right to choose. Repealing it would outlaw abortions and make Women into chattel. Democrats and Republicans are both split on where life begins (and abortion should be allowed), most Americans are against 3rd trimester abortions, and 99% of 3rd trimester abortions are done for reasons other than health of the mother/fetus, and Roe v. Wade was Judicial overreach, and without it, most states would still support 1st Trimester abortion (37 States had already legalized it before Roe, and many more would since): so the fight isn't about choice, it's about how viable a baby should be before we protect it from extermination.
American Exceptionalism To the left all countries have done good and bad (including America), so Stalin, America, Pol Pot are all loosely equivalent morally. Thus American Exceptionalism is ignorant patriotic jingoism only done by ignoring social injustices like slavery (blacks), genocide (Indians), Imperialism/Colonialism, Conquest (wars), income inequality, and so on. Thus the only exceptionalism they recognize is us being exceptionally bad. The facts are that America has been exceptional in many ways, from our Laws, Liberties, Economics, Culture, Charity, Technology and even wars. Most of our wars were fought to free people and increase liberty, as opposed to conquest. No country has had as much power, and exploited it as little as we have. So while we're plenty flawed, we've behaved better than those that criticize us, often in the very areas that they criticize us. We gave the world more than any other 5 countries combined, despite being only 5% of the global population. And that's exceptional by definition.
Anti-Science Party

Facts before fantasy.

It's so hard for the superior liberals to have an intellectual discussion with the other side, because conservatives, religion and Republicans are so illogical and anti-science that they can't be reasoned with. The right would replace science with superstition (aka Religion), so you can't trust them. The left wants progress, and the way to get it is to scare the masses into believing that if they don't change NOW, something bad will happen (usually the end of the world or civilization). They're either behind, or at least support, most of the big scares and conspiracy theories, because fear sells their agenda. Democrats exceeds Republicans on being anti-science on the following topics: Beepocalypse, Biofuels, Black Conspiracy Theology, Carpool lanes, Corporate Personhood & Citizens United, Evolution and Creation, Gender Wage Gap, Gender is a choice, Global Cooling Scare, Green Energy, Keynes, Leftonomics, Life Begins at..., Light Rail, Nuclear Energy, Organic food fraud, Paranormal beliefs​, Peak Oil Theory, Plastic Bag Bans, Recycling, Science and Religion, Secondhand Drinking, Secondhand Smoke, Smoking, Smoking and Healthcare costs, Straw Bans, The Population Bomb, Unintended Consequences, War on Science, Wind Power, and much more.
Bush lied and people died The left pretends that Bush ignored intelligence agencies who were warning him that Saddam did NOT have WMD's, and pressured them to tell him what he wanted to hear. Then he had Colin Powell deceive the public, so Bush could be a puppet of the NeoCons, and attack Saddam for no reason (since Saddam wasn't responsible for 9/11). The intelligence agencies of the U.S. and World's intelligence agencies were all saying the same thing as George Tenet summed it up, "WMD's are a slam dunk". Bush listened to them, and the Democrats screaming for Saddam's head, because Saddam had sponsored and shielded terrorists, was a brutal regime that was killing ≈100K people per year, and Iraq had violate the terms of the cease fire that ended the first Gulf War. Afterwards we did find WMD and illegal facilities, but production was mostly dormant. The reason for Saddam's boldness was that the U.N., Russia, Germany and France had been illegally trading weapons for oil, and had promised the U.S. wouldn't attack as long as the oil kept flowing.
Charlottesville Race Riot The left's version of history is that the KKK/Racists/Alt-Right/Trump supporters (all synonymous), held a huge rally (with many thousands), over a racist idol being removed. Then the KKK attacked the peaceful counter-protestors, and drove a car into a crowd, and murdered an innocent woman. The smug President claimed there were good people on both sides and defended the White Supremacists/KKK because he didn't want to alienate his supporters. And thus anyone that doesn't denounce him is a racist/Nazi by proxy. The small rally was against the destruction of our history (a Robert E. Lee statue). Like the Women's Marches were organized by terrorist supporters and anti-semites, this rally was organized by White Nationalists but most of the attendees didn't know that. It only turned violent because Antifa showed up and started assaulting people, and the Democrat controlled cops corralled the two groups together until a riot broke out. After one person was surrounded, assaulted, and his car was hit with a baseball bad, he sped away, and into a crowd, killing one girl. The President immediately condemned the violence, explicitly condemned the Neo-Nazi's, and anyone (FakeNews) that denied that is a liar, fool or a propagandist.
Christian Nation The Separation of Church and State in the Constitution is absolute: we must stop prayer in school, any references to God (on our money, pledges, national anthem's and so on). Anything religious is bad, unless it's Islamic, or is making fun of religion. Like it or not, the history of the nation was build on Christian values. Separation of Church and State was an opinion of Jefferson, and the first amendment allowed the free practice of all religions in school and government buildings. We allowed States to have official religions when the constitution was created -- it just wasn't the feds power/responsibility to create a national religion. Perverting the first amendment to disallow the free practice of religion is a late 20th century invention by historical revisionists.
Civil War and Slavery The civil war was started over Slavery. It is far more complex than the black/white caricature:
  • The first shots in the civil war were fired over taxes and tariffs (Morrill Tariff), not slavery
  • The Corwin Constitutional Amendment (passed by Congress) offered the South to keep slaves forever, the South declined
  • The South offered to give up slaves if the North let them go, the North declined
  • If the North offered Compensated emancipation, the civil war wouldn't have happened
Climate Change CO2 is causing the climate to warm, we’re near a tipping point: 97% of scientists say so. And the earth is doomed if we don’t accept carbon taxes, green energy and stop using fossil fuels immediately. The Green New Deal would be our salvation. Even free speech shouldn't apply to Climate change deniers, with efforts to arrest those scientists and pundits that disagree with the newspeak The climate is changing because it’s always changing, the models are inconclusive. Science isn’t consensus and the studies that claim consensus are junk-science. Since the climate models are undeniably broken, and CO2 has been proven not to be as much of a forcing factor as expected, we’re near an all time low in global temperature, warming has historically been good for humanity, and those screaming the loudest have a history of being wrong. We need to study more before overreacting: and fossil fuels have done more to decrease pollution than to harm us. And many famous scientists think this stuff is overblown. You don't win scientific arguments through suppression of facts/arguments you don't like.
Columbus Columbus crew thought they were going to sail off the edge of the earth, until he got to the new world, and exploited the poor/peaceful natives. Celebrating Columbus is celebrating the genocide of the Native Americans and atrocities foisted on them, and should be a shame on the west. They knew the earth was round, they just didn't know there was a continent (or two) between Europe and Asia. Columbus was a nice guy, for his time, certainly a lot better than the Natives. Judging someone by the norms of our time and not his own, is a historical fallacy. He made the continent better, unless you prefer we still lived in the stone/bronze age and practiced Human Sacrifice.
Death Panels Democrats and their media (and fact checkers) denied there was such a thing as a "Death Panels" in the ACA, and accused the Republicans of lying, calling it the lie of the year in 2009. Democrats were campaigning on the idea that the ACA had a panel of 15 (called IPAB) that would make life and death decisions over what treatments would be covered, and that would lead to huge savings and even balance the budget. When this panel was eliminated in 2018, the decried the end of the panels they claimed never existed.
Dropping the Bomb

Hiroshima, Nagasaki.

Japan was about to surrender, and all of Truman’s cabinet warned him not to drop the bomb, but he did it anyways to intimidate the Russians. Japan wanted to negotiate a conditional surrender since before the war started, but even after two Nuclear Bombs and the threat of more coming, they still had 3 attempted Coups’ (kidnappings of the Emperor) to try to prevent him from surrendering because they wanted to fight on.

National Socialist Workers Party.

Fascism is a right-wing ideology, and the Republicans are fascists. (Other than they have nothing in common, weren't conservative, traditionalist, for individualism, separation of powers, they still had virtually nothing in common with the American right: ideologically). Fear the right, they're literally Hitler. The National Socialists were a branch of crony-socialism and unionism called Syndicalism, they were anti-banking, believed in big-central government, high regulation and taxation, collectivism, central planning, social programs, they were for BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction the Jews), and for gun-control. You can have a hard time telling one of their speeches from the far left. Really hard.
Gentle savages A lie I hear repeated too often by the ignoranti, is that Native Americans were unfairly attacked by the brutal Europeans, and without us, they would have lived in peace on the land. The truth is that many (most?) Native America tribes could be horribly violent and cruel, and were called savages not just because of pre-bronze age lifestyle, but because of their pre-bronze age behaviors and societies.
Government and Society

Common Sense

The left/media often have this view that paying taxes, Social Justice, and many Social Services are "human rights". You can never have the right to someone else's property or labor. So the left will throw around, "un-American" to those that choose liberty over their view of balancing the Social scales, but their ideas are the ones out of touch with history. Like it or not, the nation was built on the western awakening: that Nations were necessary evils (at best), and they were there to serve the people and protect their liberty (individual, religious, economic), from those that would encroach on it. That was what America was founded on. Telling someone what to do using governmental taxes/laws/regulations to bully them? That's un-American. Telling them fuck off when they try? Now THAT'S American.
Inciting Violence You need to fear the radical right wing, as they like to incite violence against anyone who disagrees with them. In the real world, BLM, Antifa, Eco-terrorists, the Vietnam War counter-revolutionaries, every Communist revolution, the rise of left-wing fascism, many of the mass murders, the left's rhetoric against Trump, and so on, are just a few examples of the left's calls for violence/revolution. Progressivism demands change, people are lazy, to get change they need to convince people it's a matter of life and death. Otherwise we'd have moderation or the status quo. So by nature, the left needs to promote extremism, or nothing changes.
Military industrial complex

Iron Triangles.

Ike (Eisenhower) warned us about the military industrial complex, and that the military was spending all our money. If it wasn't for the war-hawks, we'd be able to spend enough on social programs to make this a utopia: that's where all of our money has gone! You need to fear the military and military spending! Ike warned about an iron-triangle, where politicians colluded with government and industry to dupe taxpayers out of their money and liberty. Today the poverty industrial complex (Social programs) are over twice as much spending as the military at the federal level (that bigger when you add state and local), and military spending as a fraction of our budget has come way down since Ike. Most of our money is being wasted on poorly administered wealth redistribution failures, and worse run Socialists Medicine, that not only didn't achieve their goals, but made the problems they touched worse.
Iran and Mohammad Mosaddegh In 1953 the CIA overthrew the Democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran and all around great guy Mohammad Mosaddegh, and put in Mohammad Reza Shah in his place, and that lead to the problems with Iran and the entire middle east. As usual, it was all the U.S.'s fault. Iran was not a Democracy: it was a Constitutional Monarch since the 1920's. The second generation Shah had the rightful power to replace the Prime Minister (Mosaddegh). The US/UK (Operation Ajax) did encourage him to do that in 1953, as he did a dozen times before and after, and helped him with that agenda (propaganda and funding protestors), but that's hardly a "coup". The reasons for doing so was the Mosaddegh (a KGB funded puppet of the Soviet/Communists/Tudeh Party) had risen to power under questionable elections (and KGB sponsorship), after the assassination of his rivals, and was fast-tracking towards a Marxist dictatorship by running the country under "emergency powers", dissolving the parliament, dismissing the Supreme Court, enacted a curfew and imprisoned hundreds of his opponents, gave himself the power to make laws, nationalized (stole) the oil fields (British/American property).
Native American Genocide A lie I hear repeated too often by the ignoranti, is that Americans committed gennoacide against Native Americans... like they used smallpox laden blankets as an example of that: we intentionally exterminated them. That was based on a letter from one Brit to another, 24 years before there was a Constitution or country of USA, it was during a war with the Indians, and most Indians had been wiped out by disease and wars, over the prior 300 years (via the Spanish). The USA had little to do with most of the deaths.
Origins of the Internet Al Gore and DARPA created the Internet. Most of the technologies and features we know and use on the Internet were created, improved and adopted by our private sector decades before the Internet. The reason it was created in the U.S., and not one of the socialist countries, is because of our private sector, otherwise everyone would be on France’s Minitel.
Reagan caused homeless crisis The misinformed or dishonest repeat that Reagan emptied the mental institutions and shut them down, and that's why we have a homelessness problems that California today. The facts are that the federal mental institutions were a disaster. The movie, "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" was made a decade or two later, to exemplify the attitudes that caused the closing of the institutions, before/during/after Reagan's watch. Democrats controlled the houses/senates that passed it. It was vogue to recognize that the institutions had locked up innocents, and that most didn't need to be in an asylum. So Reagan didn't start, nor stop the trend, which continued long after he left. And if Democrats cared, they had 50 years since then to fix it.
Slavery America got rich off slavery. We owe reparations for that. White privilege is because whites held the black man down for so long, that we need to end racism by blaming everyone who is not-black and forcing them to pay everyone who is black, to make up for past wrongs that had nothing to do with them. We also have to have a censor symbols and history that we don't like, like the Confederate Flag. More whites were enslaved than blacks. Slavery held the economy down, and we thrived after it was removed. Economically, Slavery was likely a net burden so no reparations could be owed. American whites died fighting a war to end the slavery that Europe had given to us (and the country inherited before it was created, but ended): those whites sacrifice deserves reparations. Slavery couldn't have existed without the many blacks colluding with it, and is certainly not the fault of the majority of whites, asians and latinos who never had slaves or supported it, or came to America generations later. And while doctoring history is popular among the left, how can we learn from the past, if we criminalize discussing parts of it, or doctor the record?
The Jungle Upton Sinclair was a great investigative journalist who went undercover in Chicago meat packing plants, and discovered gross, unsanitary conditions that lead to disease. When he exposed this, we created the FDA and made the world a better place. Fear a world without big-government protecting us with benevolent bureaucracy. A failing socialist author wanted to write a political propaganda book, and semi-fictional hit piece called, "The Jungle". While it was debunked at the time, pro-Government types used it as an excuse to create the precursor to the FDA, which has become a boondoggle that's killed or hurt more people than it has helped, or the alternatives.
War Democrats start most of our wars (either through action or inaction), then want to blame it on the other side. Bush Lied, Iraq was over Oil or was never a threat, Saddam was our guy, North Vietnamese just wanted peace, Israel started it, we didn't need to use the bomb Japan. The Democrats did (or supported) most of that, then want to play innocent and blame the other side, and convince the gullible that the other side. JFK got us closer to nuclear war than any other President, but the Republicans might get us nuked. Everything is about fear the militant right, while the truth is a strong military makes the other side more willing to negotiate in good faith. One of the reasons the left is thought to be Anti-American has to do with selective hypocrisy on American Wars. They might cheer for the War at the start (especially if Democrat Presidents are for it).... but then they undermine American interests and support our enemies in the end. Virtually all negative (and incorrect) war tropes have leftists at the forefront of the cause with a megaphone, and often Soviets or other American-hating backers behind them. Years or decades later when you show their trope was false all along, they deny, make excuses, or attack anyone for defending the facts.
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