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The gay mafia created and signed a petition on asking Amazon to stop selling books because of their content, and Amazon did the Feirenheit 451thing and pulled them. The crime? They were autobiographies from gay people, or medical texts that talked about reparative Therapy, psychological research, and addiction recovery... but from how they dealt with same sex attractions. Amazon claimed this was “conversion therapy" (it wasn't), and that it could lead to suicides, which is why they pulled them. While they left at least 10 books that are openly pro-suicide (and teach people how to do it) on their shelves, because that's how they roll.

🗒️ NOTE:
I personally don't believe in conversion therapy, but am not sure it matters. People that want to try it, or try to sell it, is fine. That's their choice. But people who don't, I'm fine with, and not trying to convert as I don't care about their sexual proclivities. Where I have a problem is with censorship based on political mob -- and hypocritical inconsistency. That irritates me.


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