Amazon Employee Outrage

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Amazon employees outraged that the company’s facial recognition contracts with the U.S. government and police, could lead to more of the “immoral U.S. policy” around arresting felons, illegal aliens, and catching/killing terrorists or other threats to the U.S.


It also goes further, they want to attack anyone who uses AWS to create their own services that might be used to stop criminality (illegal immigration, or otherwise).

I don't think they understand how business works, and confuses their political views with morals. I feel sorry for Bezos, he let Amazon get infected with the cancer of Social Justice, now it wants to lecture everyone (including themselves) on stuff well beyond their comprehension. While in real life and the big boy world, sometimes both sides can both be ethical/moral, because morals are often about intent. The intent of protecting Americans from murderous criminal foreigners is every bit as moral as the intent of protecting law-breaking refugees (or at least the people posing as them). But you can't easily reason with people who have built their identities on virtue signaling.

🗒️ NOTE:
I don't mine sincere concerns about 4th and 5th Amendment rights, or privacy concerns in general. But when far lefties are complaining, it's not usually about the Constitutional protection of liberties, but more about their concerns against the laws they created actually getting enforced. Especially immigration laws, or things that could detect things like Social Service fraud, or anything that might save taxpayers money. And they don't seem to have concerns that China or some foreign powers they'll gladly work with are far worse than the U.S. is at this stuff. Which makes them clueless, hypocrites, or both.


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