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Time Magazine's Token Conservative and TDS suffering #NeverTrump'er (David French), wrote a piece that explained America is on the brink of self destruction. I tend to agree. But being that he's lost his mind with regards to Trump, he had to spin it as, "and both sides are at fault". Which isn't completely wrong, but they're not EQUALLY at fault. And that's important to understand.

Here's the basic problem -- in order to publish in left-wing Time Magazine, you need to spin it in a way that left-wing editors will tolerate. That wouldn't be to point out the truth, but couch it in a left wing paradigm (which is where the left is never as bad as the other side, let alone worse).

So a rabid anti-Trumper for the last 4+ years, thinks it's equally both sides fault that we're divided, and that both sides fears that the other would dominate/enslave are equally valid. But they aren't.

Here's way he makes that inference:

❝ Why do we rightly worry that a contested election would result in far more tension and even violence than 2000’s battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore? In part because our competing sides do not trust that if they lose they will still be free and secure in the land that they love. They fear domination.

There are three issues:

  1. Who started it
  2. Who is more responsible
  3. Who has more valid concerns on loss of liberty

Who Started it

I think after 50 or at least the last 20+ years of the left screaming lies at the right, eventually they were going to elect someone as toxic as the left behaved. And the left was going to have a fit over it.

Does that exonerate the right? Not to me. But that context frames their counter-assault as a counter-attack, instead of an ambush. French and the Democrats are like the rapist that got scratched during the crime, and want to now say, "Let's call us even and I won't press charges for the assault". The assault only happened because of trying to stop the original crime. Who starts the confrontation contributes a lot to the next item: who is more responsible.

Who is more responsible

  • Who started it? Democrats - 50 years of screaming the other side is all racist, sexist Nazi's, has a cost to our unity
  • Who is pushing to undermine the election with confidence reducing mail-in voting? Democrats
  • Who has a bigger history of election fraud? Democrats
  • Who has been pushing the narratives that Trump won't give up power without force? Democrats
  • Who has was responsible for sending violent thugs into Trump rally's to assault protestors (before, during and after events)? Democrats
  • Who supported violent separatist groups like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and the violent protests that started before Trump was even elected (and scaled up after he was with Pussy Protest, #resist, immigration protests, etc)? Democrats.
  • Who controls media, college indoctrination, Hollywood, and is setting the tone? Democrats

Now you want to pretend that because Trump is a vocal asshat that will go toe to toe with someone that attacks him, that it's all his fault for not capitulating to their lies and attacks without a fight, that makes them equally responsible? Nope. Trump is an asshat that will respond to that provocation head on. But it is provocation.

Who has more valid concerns on loss of liberty

The left's claim that Trump would enslave them by not enacting progressive mandates and allowing more individual liberty and states to decide, is NOT equally valid with the right's claim that Biden/Harris want to reduce our liberty with their openly stated gun control, socialism, destroying energy businesses, green new deals and so on?

  • The right is not trying to dominate the left (on most issues), they are trying to be free from the domination of the left.
  • The left is trying to dominate the right (on most issues), they are not happy knowing that somewhere, someone is not following one of their straw bans, mask mandates, or whatever cause du jour has their knickers in a twist.
  • The left WILL take away the land and freedoms that I love. They want to tell me how to run my business, tax, regulate and legislate me to death.
  • The right has many flaws, but as bad as they get with overtaxing or over-regulating, they’re not AS bad as the left — as proven by left or right run cities or states or administrations.

Look at Bidens campaign issues: Gun Control, Socialized Medicine, Forcing Intersectional Dogma and inequality (masked as equity) on all, destroying energy (masked as green energy), forced indoctrination of our youth (socialized education), and so on. These are from his page, and they are not about more liberty but less.

That doesn’t make the right saints. But Roe v. Wade is a perfect example.

  • The right wants to repeal it — so that the power resides back with the constitutionally recognized states.
  • The left enacted an unconstitutional mandate, will not concede that fact, and would be outraged if states got back the liberty to self govern.

That’s a fundamental difference between the two agendas that demonstrates my point. And that both sides are not equally valid in fearing the other side will take their liberty. Because the right is mostly fighting for theirs, and the left is mostly fighting to get the power to oppress the right.


Yes, both sides fight -- but the left fights to enslave, the right fights against that enslavement.

Yes, both sides might have the same fear. But that doesn't make them equally rational.

Yes, they both might have contributed to the problem -- but that doesn't mean they contributed the same amount, or that one didn't start it and act worse.

That the left can't/won't admit that, just means I tune them out as not ready to make peace. Without contrition, apology or admission, there can be no forgiveness or rebuilding because they haven't even admitted they've ever done anything wrong. So we can't be assured they won't keep doing it. Thus, we fight until they can grow enough to write articles that admit that maybe, they picked the fight we're in, and they should lead by backing down.


📚 References

Time Magazine was once a respected publication, but like all things: liberals ruined it. Once they took over, they destroyed "journalism" and replaced it with propaganda. So while good articles occasionally get through their editorial bias, it's strictly by accident, and usually not touching anything vaguely political.