Antifa Conspiracy Theory

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The series of events goes like this:

  1. Antifa attacks people they don't like (for like the 18th time in as many months).
  2. The LAT, NYT, WaPo, and other places were reporting it
  3. both RT and Alt-Right also reported it, and tweeted about it. (Alt-right playing the victims, and RT playing how bad things are in the west, as they always do).
  4. AHA! Looney alt-left blogger says it's all a conspiracy theory because both RT ("The Russians"), and alt-right pointed out the same violence. They must be working together, to invent what happened (ignore all the other outlets, and for God sake, don't watch the video of antifa actually attacking cops or beating people up: they're the good guys).

So, a bunch of haters beat people up, attack free speech and civil rights, and assault cops... and it's all the Russians/Alt-Rights fault for "Skewing the narrative" because they noticed and retweeted it? That was a real pro-Antifa narrative put forth by Medium/ARC: it makes Alex Jones seem like a pro-establishment guy. In American Sign Language, the gesture for this is the index finger orbiting the ear.


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