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Apple TV+ is an subscription video on demand service of Apple, that debuted on November 1, 2019 (announced on March 25th at a Special Event). It is accessible in about 100 countries (fewer than competitors), includes custom programming, but so far is proprietary to Apple devices (no native Android/Windows players).


2 items

The Morning Show -
So I get Apple TV+ for free, because I buy their computers and phones. Thus I decided to watch the best they had to offer (the premier show), called The Morning Show. Basically, it's a fictionalized story of Matt Lauer / Mitch Kessler (played by Steve Carell) getting caught in a MeToo scandal, and how his cohost Alex Levy (Jennifer Anniston) and the rest of the cast handles it. I figured with such a snowflaky topic, that Apple might go full snowflake and make complete SJW tripe. They didn't. For the most part, it was a fairly mature take on a fairly complex subject, and they didn't play Matt, er Steve Carell, as the caricature character they might have, and it brought up some reasonable discussions and was somewhat entertaining. So it was worth watching, even if it wasn't the best thing on TV.

Dickinson -
So I get Apple TV+ for free, because I buy their computers and phones. I tried the Dickinson show, and OMG this stunk on ice (for me). While it got a 71/91 on Rotten Tomatoes, I couldn't get past the first episode. Basically it's was like Hamilton (the Play), let's imagine kids in the 19th century using modern vernacular and attitudes, and turn it into a teen dramedy suitable for The CW. It was complete with lesbian kissing scenes, and a complete cool/progressive fiancé/BF that totally gets Emily's free spirited 21 century feminist routine. It's like 90210 with more cheese and less depth and hitting every snowflake hotbutton it can find.


I don't know if it is "worth it", meaning the subscription price. It's cheaper than competing services, but I don't think I'd carry the subscription all year for the couple of shows I've seen. But so far the content is mixed. I'll have to watch more before I have a conclusion. For now, it is totally worth free (meaning the year free I get with buying a new device).


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