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The last moderate journalists left at the NYT (Bari Weiss), quit with an open letter explaining it was because of continual harassment by her far-left consensus demanding colleagues, and the policies supporting that bias at the dying rag of post-journalism. She committed thoughtcrime against liberal orthodoxy, by remaining open to facts that didn't fit the far left narrative.

Reasons for leaving include that the paper:

  • failed to anticipate the outcome of the 2016 election because it didn’t have a firm grasp of the country it covers.
  • believes it's charter is to perpetuate an arrogant orthodoxy, known to an enlightened few, whose job is to inform everyone else
  • Twitter has become its ultimate editor, with the resulting "performance space" where stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions.
  • Calling anyone they disagree with a Nazi and a racist, openly demeaning her on company-wide Slack channels, demands she be fired in the name of inclusiveness
  • intellectual curiosity is now a liability at The Times
  • Tom Cotton was fired because the digital thunderdome decided his travel story about Jaffa wasn't woke enough

Basically, that the NYT betrayed their standards and lost sight of their principles... An independent press is not a liberal ideal or a progressive ideal or a democratic ideal. It’s an American ideal - or the antithesis of what the NYT represents


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