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  • Joe Biden bragged on tape about how he abused power and used quid pro quo, to demand that Ukrainian government fire the prosecutor who was investigating Joe's son (Hunter Biden)'s company (Burisma Holdings: Ukrainian natural gas supplier), or Joe Biden would withhold $1B in aid to Ukraine, and "Son-of-a-bitch, they fired the investigator" within a couple hours. [1]
  • Burisma/Ukraine was infamous for corruption, and at the time was paying millions of dollars to Hunter Biden, despite Hunter not speaking Ukrainian, having no experience in Energy/Natural Gas, foreign policy or negotiations, and had recently been thrown out of the Navy for Drug Abuse, but they agreed to pay him millions of Dollars (as did the Chinese) -- all because his Dad was Vice President (as admitted to in an interview by Hunter Biden). This is called payola, or pay-for-play.
  • Trump on hearing of this, and meeting with newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and discussed the problems with Ukrainian corruption, mentioned in the meeting that America had interest in whether anything untoward had happened with regards to that prosecutor getting fired, and previously documented issues with Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (This is Trump's Job as the highest law enforcement officer in the nation).
  • When told of the meeting/ask, by a Democrat operative and activist (Eric Ciaramella), the Democrats and their media panicked at exposing Joe Biden's corruption, and they took the position that the far left usually does of "accuse the other side of what we're doing" to obfuscate. So they claimed that despite Trump NOT withholding aide, Zelensky saying he didn't feel pressured, and evidence of Joe admitting on tape to something questionable, that Trump was guilty of doing what Joe admitted to doing. And they tried to impeach Trump over that. And in order to prevent any transparency, they mislabeled Eric Ciaramella as a "Whistleblower" (though he didn't qualify under any of the legal or moral definitions of one), in order to hide his identity, biases, and prevent his arguments from having to face any scrutiny on intent.

Hunter Biden

  • Hunter Biden (2013) was given a waiver to get into the U.S. Navy Reserves, despite prior drug abuses, and was commissioned as an officer (which Joe Biden administered in the WhiteHouse). Being the Son of the Vice President has perks. Then Hunter was summarily kicked out, one month later, when he tested positive for drugs (Cocaine).
  • With no experience in Finance or Energy (or Chinese or Ukraine), Hunter Biden founded BHR Partners to get Chinese capital, and was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine. He was paid millions by Burisma, for a few board meetings. And BHR Partners got Hunter many more millions in an equity position in the firm, all because of the name and relationship with his father (and presumably the influence that bought).

Democrats, who claim to care about corruption, have no interest in anything to do with Hunter or Joe, and try to change the topic and scream "Trump" whenever this topic is brought up.


This impeachment (scampeachment/shampeachment) is where the Democrats and their media impeached Trump because they don't like him or his politics, spun the facts around like a centrifuge, misinformed anyone that listened to them -- and despite their best efforts to Kavanaugh Donald Trump, the lost big time: both with the law, and with voters, and it will go down in history as an embarrassing time for the country. The mainstream medias coverage was 100% biased in favor of the Democrats, but the informed and critical thinkers could see through that. more...


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