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Bernie 2020: with the DNC behind him. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

60 Minutes did a puff piece on Bernie, and the one biting segment was when they showed a 1980s era clip of him praising Castro. Bernie defended it with, "he educated their kids, gave them health care".... true. And Hitler was great with children and dogs, as long as they weren't Jewish children or dogs. But that's lousy optics to say, "At least HItler gave Germany good schools and jobs (at Dachau)". It ignores that Bernie also said good things about Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vietnam, Russia, China, and others communists despots that imprisoned and murdered their own dissidents as well. (A journalist might have had some follow-up examples, but the Preening Cooper did not). Either way, it was a stupid thing to defend right before going to the Florida primary. It reminds me of the time Bill Clinton tweeted he was going to celebrate Fidel Castro's life with a memorial cigar... and 20 interns at the Clinton Foundation called in sick (out of fear of being used as another humidor).

Sanders liked the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and so on. There's never been a communist despot he didn't love... or made excuses for. When Nicaragua turned violent under Ortega, Sanders blamed the U.S. of course.


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Bernie Sanders
I constantly read fawning articles and blogs about Sanders. I really don’t care who you want to vote for, I just care that people are voting from a position of knowledge and are not lying to others (or themselves) about who/what he is. This reminds people of all the info they didn't get from the media.