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According to the smartest Economist on the left (Paul Krugman), Bernie Sanders isn't *REALLY* a socialist, just because he was a marxist that ran for the top position in the Socialist parties, his allies like AOC are socialists, he cheered for the USSR, Venezuela/Chavez and Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega, and wanted to nationalize banking, and still wants to nationalize healthcare and education. He's a Social Democrat (like Denmark) don't know you? Oh, and even if he was a Socialist, it wouldn't really matter (to Paul). Krugman thinks he knows more about Sanders intent and philosophy than Sanders does. Trust Paul, he was the one who foretold the Internet was a fad that would have no more impact than the FAX machine.


📚 References

Paul Krugman
Paul is an idiot savant, without any special talent. No one in the economic press is as persistently and consistently wrong as he is. There are sites dedicated to debunking and mocking him in economic circles. He even manages to time his flip-flops to be stay wrong when situations change. So while Mini-Marx (Robert Reich III), often tries to keep up, he's just not in the same caliber.
1998.06.10 Internet Prediction
🔮 "By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” ~ Paul Krugman. The smartest guy at the NYT, written in an article for Red Herring magazine, explaining why “Most Economists’ Predictions Are Wrong". Then proving it.