Bernie on Gun Control

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Bernie Sanders is ipecac to high IQ voters, especially on economics or guns. His latest Gun ideas come straight from Bloombergs everytownUSA or moms demand inaccuracy. His 4 point plan of the illiterate is:

  • (1) Universal background checks. Only shooters passed their background checks because they didn't have a criminal history (Orlando, Las Vegas) or law enforcement agencies failed to properly flag or investigate warnings they received (Charleston and Parkland). Then there are the cases where the gunman illegally obtained their firearm (Sandy Hook, San Bernardino). There are more false positives than real negatives, and the government does nothing in the latter cases. So it is used to harass legal owners by mistake than stop criminals. waste of time.
  • (2) gun show loophole is a lie perpetuated by the liars for the ignorant. It is illegal and against the rules to parking-lot sell a gun at a gunshow to a known criminal or someone on drugs.
  • (3) “Assault weapon" is a made-up term for guns that are big, black and scary, and for cosmetic features that don’t impact lethality. They have been banned and had no impact on shootings or mass shootings since most use pistols and below 50 yards, pistols are more effective.
  • (4) His imagined “strawman provision”. it has always been illegal to buy a gun for someone else to get around their buying restrictions. That is why it is called a black market and not a white market. It happened in San Bernardino despite the most restrictive gun laws in the country, what are you going to do make it double-secret probation illegal? (Bernie doesnt seem to know it is against the law).

So grandpa Marx is good at lecturing the uninformed about things he doesn’t understand and couldn’t make a difference. Thus dividing is between the moderately informed and his base. And he knows more about gun laws ( which is nothing) than he does about economics or human nature. He has been in the Senate since the bronze age, and still has zero accomplishments to his name.


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