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His entire Political History is being a social justice warrior, and a Socialist (actually a National Socialist wrapped in the Camouflage of Democrat Socialist[1]). But any of those mean the opposite of a civil libertarian / individualist. No private property, and without the right to own what's yours, you have no real freedom (civil liberties). Examples:

  • He believes whole heartedly in anything that empowers government and diminishes the power of the people: tax more from everyone, give to the select few, empower government.
  • He's against free trade, preferring isolationism and protectionism (nationalism)
  • Everyone should be a ward of the state/collective:
    • selectively against free speech and freedom of religion (politically correct)
    • gun rights: if you’re trying to create a police state, then only the police should have guns — he’s rated F by the NRA
  • For more intrusions on individuals and business owners with more taxes, regulations, laws
    • Rent control and housing subsidies destroys housing opportunities (you punish investment into property improvements/maintenance): he's for both.
    • he supports nationalizing most major industries and giving them “to the workers/unions”: you don't get to start/own a business.
    • We should have fewer freedoms wrt price and wage controls (pro Minimum Wage, setting prices for companies, despite evidence against both)
    • there’s never been a give-away of other people’s money that he didn’t support. Free healthcare, free schools, free university, free student loans, free paid leave...
    • Veterans, he’s for giving them far more compensation (even if he opposes almost everything else to do with the military).
  • His energy policy is simple: if it drives up cost, and down availability, he supports it:
    • He loves the Global Warming arguments (hates the science) and loves/supports environmental extremism, because it's an excuse for more government intrusion.
    • Against Oil and Coal and Nuclear and for Solar, Wind because they’re unreliable, expensive and unsustainable -- so he supports the poverty that would bring with it.
  • All that "free" money has to come from someone else's pockets. If it’s your money, he wants to spend it for you. He supports a 90% top income tax, 65%+ inheritance tax (at the federal level, more at the state) - there would be no economic liberty under Sanders. Punish work, reward sloth is his motto:
    • Greece looks like deficit hawks compared to him. So you get to buy those nice things... for other people..
    • against individuals keeping their property: he's pro-eminent domain
  • of our four most important natural rights: life, liberty, property, and the right to defend them -- he’d curtail the second, eliminate the 3rd and 4th -- on the first (life) he’s mixed but mostly against killing criminals (death penalty) but for killing full term, viable babies (for any reason) and making other people pay for it (against their religious liberty): 100% NARAL / 0% NRLC -- there's zero balance, nuance or thought in those partisan extremes

The exceptions where he's Pro-civil rights (and that's really just anti-establishment) are:

  • his support for LGBT, which he’s supported since the 70’s
  • he opposes the patriot act, probably because government spied on Unions, socialists and other radicals, and he still sympathizes with anyone that would bring the current system down (a child of the 70’s, he hates "the man", but wants to empower the man with everything except making informed decisions).
  • he's also great with minority rights (NAACP gave him 100%), of course those rights don’t extend to minority businesses owners, only the workers. (E.g. unions love him, businesses and the economy would hate him). He also hates white males (a minority), or Asians who outperform the other minorities.
  • he’s pro-criminal, with wanting to remove sentencing guidelines, amnesty for illegal aliens, no one should be held accountable for their actions, unless they succeed at life, then they should be punished.


Bernie Sanders
I constantly read fawning articles and blogs about Sanders. I really don’t care who you want to vote for, I just care that people are voting from a position of knowledge and are not lying to others (or themselves) about who/what he is. This reminds people of all the info they didn't get from the media.