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Another rising star on the left is Beto O'Rorke: or beta, as I prefer to call him. With Bernie Sander's recipe of promising free everything, and huge national sponsorship by the DNC campaign machinery and their media, he was able to lose an election to not-so-popular Ted Cruz. Thus as a failure with no real accomplishments because a couple arrests and a pretty face, the Democrats want him as a Presidential Candidate. Once you get to know a Democrat Candidate, you won't want to vote for them, so they keep having to find new ones that you don't know much about. What I do know, is that there's nothing about this candidate that impresses me.


So who is Beto (Latino slang for Roberto)? Here's a little bit on the guy that make Kamala Harris look like the flying nun: 6 items

Beto History -
Robert Francis O'Rourke is a few things, few of which match the political image he tries to cast:
  • born of Irish and Welsh ancestry, but his family nicknamed him Beto (Spanish for Roberto) to distinguish him from his grandfather/namesake
  • boarding-school trust-fund baby had money (son of furniture magnate) and married into more of it
  • was a member of the computer hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow going under the handle "Psychedelic Warlord"
  • was into Punk music, but never became a musician (he plays the bass in a band called Foss).
  • was arrested for burglary but let off
  • later arrested for Drunk driving after crashing his car and trying to flee the scene, but was let off
  • he got a B.A. in English Lit.
  • most famous for fighting for marijuana legalization (which he lost)

Beto Hacker Story - We learned that Beto was a hacker in a group called, "Cult of the Dead Cow", had written many misogynistic posts, and had even dabbled in child homicide fantasy fiction. Reuters not only knew of it, and it's News value, for 2 years, they squashed the story so it wouldn't interfere with his Senate run against Cruz (which he lost anyways).
2019.03.15 Child Murder Fantasy - Beto wrote a murder fantasy in which the narrator drives over children on the street.
2019.01.23 Twitters Beto Double-Standard - While there are many Trump parody accounts, a lady ran one against the mock-worthy Beto's navel-gazing called Beto’sBlog -- and was permanently destroyed because it was, "a violation of the Twitter Rules, specifically the policy on impersonation..." Something that they never had a problem with if it mocked a Republican. There's a dozen fake Trump parody accounts. Not Beto's fault... but it sure doesn't make him seem more manly either.
2018.09.26 Hit and run - While drunk driving on his 26th Birthday, Beto hit another car, and tried to flee the scene, but a witness stopped him. Beto of course lied about it during his campaign, and said he didn't try to leave, or that he only had 2 beers (he was at least 6 drinks in, to get that blood alcohol level).
2018.09.12 Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson unwisely tied his brand with a snowflake drunk-driving hacker named Beto O’Rourke. This enraged a bunch of Nelson's fans.


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