Bill Clinton and Welfare

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Bill Clinton fought the Republican Congress's plans to reform Welfare (including means testing, and time limits). Leftist sources predicted blight and ruination for all the poor souls dependent on welfare. Instead, many got off, and things got better. So Obama did his best to reverse the gains and increase the dependency class.


During Bill Clinton, the republicans won congress big time, which included a push for welfare reform, among many other things.

Clinton reluctantly signed it, despite democrats and the media claiming it would destroy poor families and would roll back the racist new deal and great society. These cuts (like all cuts), and term limits for welfare recipients, and means testing, was going to turn us into Calcutta. At least according to claims at the time. The normal democrat demagoguery -- republicans were all heartless bastards that were greedy and didn't care about "those" people.

Well, 20 years later, despite multiple large recessions, what actually happened?

While the democrats sell their base on the fraud that poverty has gotten worse. After 20 years, we can look at the reality, and that is that for most poor, things have gotten measurably much better. Now Obama rolled some of that back, and is trying to drive more back into the cycle of dependency, and bury the progress that was made before people notice. But I think he was too late.

So what did we learn?

If we study History, it's that democrats lie (whether through incompetence or malice is debatable, but they were definitely wrong, demagogues, and owe the nation an apology that will never come). Many people were exploiting welfare. That weaning people off was better for them, and their kids, than unfettered hand-outs. And that you need balances between mom (hand outs and safety nets) and dad (a kick in the ass).

But of course the only people that will learn that are those that look for the facts, use logic, and study the topic. Those that listen to the democrat media and democrat politicians will remain ignorant about what happened, and thus they'll fight to put people back into poverty, while thinking their hand outs will do the opposite. And we'll continue to get divided between those who claim to care, and those that care enough to study what they're talking about. While I suspect most of the media will remain silent on this study. And that will tell you all you need to know about their sympathies or information levels.


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