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Issue Lie Truth
Body count Democrats care a lot about people whose lives are destroyed by mass shooters: it spiked to 68 people in 2018 (though it averages less). They are apoplectic about 5 that died in the 2020 Capitol Protest Riots, or that a handful per year that die at the hands of cops, or 100K (more than normal bad Flu year) dying to COVID. Hundreds dying or having their businesses wrecked by Democrat Protests (BLM/Antifa), so what? Democrats couldn't care less 2,000+ a year are murdered by illegal aliens, or more that they let out of prisons because of COVID or because of gun control. Those dying in isolation, being abused to death or committing suicides because of COVID lockdowns or 600,000 a year to abortion (11,500 late term / past viability), no problem at all. ≈1M dead/year due to Socialism (1900's avg/year) more excuses. Democrats crocadile tears aren't about the sanctity of life, they're about the sanctity of the political agenda.


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