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Cory isn't just ignorant about everything else, he's profoundly ignorant on Guns and Gun Laws. So much so, that he doesn't even recognize how little he knows. He claims there are loopholes like, no fly lists, gun show loophole, and so on. Those aren't loopholes, those are called rights that he wants to violate like due process, free commerce and so on.

Here's what he said:

  1. “If a man is convicted of beating his wife, he can find a loophole to go out and buy a gun and murder her.” - False. Violent felons are banned from getting guns. What Democrats want is that any woman can accuse any man of abuse, and before there's a conviction, his gun rights are taken away. But that's not a loophole, that's due process.
  2. "terrorist No Fly List" - No Fly Lists for gun owners this isn't about what the Democrats convince the ignorant. Should you lose your rights because some bureaucrat puts you on a list, that you can't see or appeal, and violate our due process laws? That's what the Democrats are arguing for. A convicted terrorist is not allowed to buy guns. But as they're violent law breakers, gun laws don't slow them down.
  3. "go to a gun show and buy weapons" - this is another false meme that the evil or ignorant spread. Gun shows do not allow private party transfers (without background checks). Some people meet at gunshots and go offsite and do parking lot sales -- but this is like if you went to a car dealer, and someone said "I like your used car, and then you went to a coffee shop and agreed to sell it to them".
  4. "somebody convicted of a violent crime can still find a loophole to go and buy a weapon" - no, this is an illegal sale known as a black market. It's like whining that a violent criminal can still speed in a car. They can, but it's breaking the law, and the law/loophole doesn't say that it's legal for them to do it. Oh, and they do it in countries where gun bans are in place.

Historically, convicted criminals aren’t buying guns from face-to-face transfers from law-abiding citizens, because they don't want to be ID'd, they use the same markets that allow drugs, illegal aliens, and human traffickers to get smuggled in. But Booker and Democrats don't want to plug those holes and make them harder.

Booker is a moron on guns. If the Democrats had integrity, that alone would exclude him from the Presidential race. They claim they care about Truth or Intelligence, well the fact that he's a viable candidate proves otherwise.


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