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Bosch is an Amazon Original TV Series (started in 2014), that's one of the best crime-drama shows of the last few years. My wife and I binged watched 4 seasons in about as many weeks. Basically, it's very old school, and predictable in some ways: tough guy Harry is ex special forces, the veteran detective, who sometimes bends/breaks the rules... but over time, you learn that he's fairly ethical outside of a few shortcuts, and is trying to right the wrongs of the world, because he was brought up as an orphan, after his prostitute mom was murdered, and he was stuck in the system.


Netflix/Amazon seem to use shorter 10-12 episode seasons. This was 10 episodes per, and each season is a separate story arc, with sub arcs in each episode.

On Rotten Tomatoes it got:

  • Season 1: 79/85 (Reviewers/Viewers) - intro to the relentless Los Angeles homicide detective Harry Bosch who shoots a suspect in a dark alley (for reaching behind him). To distract himself from the wrongful death trial, he takes a cold case (from 1989) of an abused pre-teen boy.
  • Season 2: 100/95 - Harry returns from suspension and chases down the Vegas mob characters to who left the body of a scummy producer in the trunk of a car
  • Season 3: 100/96 - Harry is looking into homeless veterans murder (and dealing with some evidence making him look like a vigilante), while exploring info on his mother's murder.
  • Season 4: 100/100 - The city is on edge and Bosch is on the task force after a civil right attorney is murdered while taking on the LAPD.

I don't think the first Season was any worse than the others, it's just that you get into the characters over time, and the story evolves and draws you in deeper. It's also a retro feeling detective story, with a bit more modern nuance and depth. My wife and I both really enjoyed the series, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes classical detective shows.


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