Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence

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Brady Campaign to prevent Gun Violence is another FakeNews organization that exists to invent false numbers to dupe the gullible rubes. A cursory look at their numbers, and they fall apart -- they aren't based on subjective murder rates, gun ownership rates, or anything that would lead to the conclusions they draw: it's about whether they like the gun policies -- then cooking the numbers to invent a correlation that doesn't exist.



They state their agenda on their home page, "Our Goal is to Cut Gun Deaths in Half by 2025 by:

  1. Misinforming the public on the risks of guns in homes
  2. Changing the laws by attacking any politician that knows more about the facts than they do
  3. Abusing the legal system to attack gun manufacturers and owners

For example they start with the fallacy that:

  • "Of the 35,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?"

Um, 25,000 are suicides, and the informed know that gun access has no noticeable impact on suicide rates. (So they start by lying/inflating their numbers by throwing in suicides). Remember: the highest suicide rate countries have gun control. So now you're down to under 10,000 murders, something like 80% are in cities with strict gun control. (Usually it's minority on minority gang crime, many of them are illegal aliens). So we're down to like 2-3K murders.... which puts our white murder rate lower than most of Europe despite many more guns. So explain why guns are the problem and not gangs? And if gangs are the problem (and they smuggle drugs), and they're already breaking the laws by murdering each other, why in the world is someone stupid enough to think that another law will fix it?

Cooking the numbers

They just make shit up. No seriously... if you look at their table of numbers (2011) they have things like:

  • California has a Brady Score of #1 (81 points)... and a gun murder rate of 3.21/100K (1,220 murders total)
  • Utah has has a Brady Score of #50 (0 points).... and a gun murder rate of 0.91/100K (26 murders total)

In their minds California rocks, because they have retarded laws that result in a murder rate 3.5x higher than Utah.

A friend broke down the numbers even more and did a couple of spreadsheets:

Solution: Talk about how bad guns are

Seriously, what is the biggest solution created by the BCTPGV? It's to create long pamphlets and training materials to miseducate our kids on how dangerous guns are. They claim that 40 minute talks in schools about the dangers of guns, is going to keep the kids safe... and not attract demented sociopaths to the lure of death machines and infamy. Seriously.


You can tell the quality of the News organization by if they use Brady Campaign as one of their sources. If they do, they either don't have fact checkers with an ounce of critical thinking skills (skepticism)... or worse, they do, and they care more about their political agendas than the truth. So you can inversely correlate journalistic quality to BCTPGV citations. The only thing more retarded than they are (and their followers), is anyone associated with Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.