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Bruce Ohr worked for the DOJ, and his wife (Nellie Ohr) was a Clinton advocate when Fusion GPS hired her as an independent contractor and Russia specialist, to conduct "research and analysis" of Donald Trump. So both Bruce and Nellie were working with Steele on the Dossier that the FBI/DOJ used to illegally get wiretaps to spy on the Trump campaign (they got a FISA warrant by misleading the court on the credibility of Steele and the information in the report).

What we know:

  • Bruce Ohr testified that he met with Simpson on Aug. 22, 2016 to discuss information from the dossier. That contradicted Simpson’s testimony to House Intelligence on Nov. 14, 2017 that he did not meet with Bruce Ohr until after the election. <- One of them is guilty of a contempt of congress and perjury
  • Bruce Ohr also told lawmakers that he told the FBI about his contacts with Steele in early August 2016, days after he and Nellie Ohr met the former British spy in Washington, D.C. Schiff claimed in a memo released on Feb. 24, 2018 that Bruce Ohr did not tell the FBI about his contacts with Steele until after the election. <- One of them is guilty of a contempt of congress and perjury
  • Ohr testified that he generally trusted Steele, who he first met in 2007, when Steele still worked for the British government. But Ohr had less confidence in Steele’s sources, since their information originated with Russians. “I think — my impression is that Chris Steele believed his sources,” Ohr said in one exchange. “What I should say in addition, though, is that whenever you are dealing with information from Russia, you have to be careful, because it is a very complicated place. And so even information from a good source has to be looked at carefully.”
  • Nellie Ohr had to exercise "Spousal Privilege" when asked about collusion between them and Steele. [1]
  • Glenn Simpson (Nellie's boss at FusionGPS) has pleaded the 5th to avoid testimony on the topic of hiring Steele, Nellie, and so on. The Colonel Klink defense, "I know nothingk!"


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