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Buffalo Wild Wings has a sort of gun-ban since like 2004 on Corporate owned stores, but individual franchisees get to set their own rules. This issue re-lights up when there's a shooting, robbery, etc., and one of their stores.


After creating the policy, and getting a reputation for it, they tried to issue a statement claiming they aren't anti-gun rights, just anti-gun rights in their store. Most people recognize that's a distinction without a difference.

❝ “Buffalo Wild Wings respects the right of individuals to carry firearms. However, because we are focused on the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all of our guests, we have elected to exercise our right to restrict the carrying of firearms within our restaurants. We regret any inconvenience this may cause but believe that this policy is in the best interest of all our guests and our Team Members.” ❞

You can do what you want with your policies, but if I was CCW carrying, despite having had background checks, no criminal background, and stopping a few crimes, I would just avoid their establishment. You'd think I was the kind of customer they'd want in their establishment. Whatever. But to be fair, I avoid them anyways -- not because of the policy (that doesn't help), but because of the food.

In 2013 a waitress refused to serve 8 plain-clothes (and armed) police officers. BWW said it was all a misunderstanding... maybe, but it was one created by their own policy. And every now and again, someone gets robbed, assaulted, etc, and people point out the stupidity of their anti-liberty position. It certainly did nothing to help sales, or convince people they're safer in their stores.


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