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The CDC's main goal is to protect public health from things like Global Pandemics (COVID). The FDA's is around drugs, treatments and medical instruments. Both screwed up epically around COVID:

  • They trusted/repeated the WHO and China's numbers, which overstated deaths and understated cases -- as an agency they aren't there to rubber stamp what Communists tell them, but to validate them. By believing those numbers -- the CDC assumed the death rate was high and the contagion was low of SARS-COV-2, which meant they failed to respond in a competent way.
  • They repeated the WHO in saying that we shouldn't be wearing masks, which let the contagion spread faster/further than it would have, and FDA blocked "non-authorized" masks from being made/distributed until overridden.
  • When testing started, they added a 3rd component to the test, which was tainted and gave false positives. The FDA refused to let private labs produce without that 3rd tainted component -- and it delayed American testing scale up.
  • They encouraged "Shelter-in-place" to cause economic ruination (depression and loss of life) without evidence that it was materially better than Social Distancing or more moderate and less harmful measures.
  • The CDC encourage (and the Government incentivizes) Hospitals to overstate COVID cases.

Facts are that overreactions can cause many more to die than the alternative, because while in lockdown, they aren't getting exercise or are abstaining from needed or preventative medical care, their psychological wellbeing, and so on. When we ask why South Korea or Germany was able to scale quicker? Becauese they don't have the equivalent of the CDC or FDA getting in the way of businesses doing the right thing without them.

Not only was the CDC repeating 3.4% death rates in January, but as late as March Fauci was using numbers like 2% or 10x the flu. [1] Either they were incompetent and ignoring all the asymptomatic and untested people and the plethora of COVID Studies that was showing it was 10x more widespread than their numbers, or they were intentionally scaring the public for political gain. Either way, the numbers were coming in as being about as deadly as the flu, at the same time they were saying it was 10x as deadly. Lying to me, pisses me off.


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The TLA's (Three Letter Agencies) like the WHO, CDC, FDA, CIA and CCP, all blew chunks and lied. Our "experts" and agencies that we poured billions into failed miserably at their charters. The WHO repeated disinformation, the Chinese CCP lied and destroyed evidence, the CIA failed to warn adequately on those lies, the CDC under-reacted at the start and overreacted later (both doing more harm than if they didn't exist), the Models were a complete fucking disaster. Basically, all the agencies meant to help, made it worse. The acronym SNAFU (System Normal: All Fucked Up) comes to mind. Without these agencies, the private sector just worked better. How do we know? Countries that responded the best: South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan -- all did the right things without the equivalent of these agencies to guide them.


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The CDC's main goal is to protect public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the US and internationally. You know, like pandemics (COVID), from depression and death caused by over-reactions to it (shutdowns), and things like that?


FDA is the Food and Drug Administration. While I'm not against administration, if you look at what they do, and what it costs to do it, the rational and economic minded, understand that it could be done cheaper and better, if there was more accountability and less bureaucracy. It's not always how much you spend, but how well you spend it.