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The CIA is responsible for spying on our friends and enemies alike, and keeping our leaders informed about global situations and what's really going on. So when you have the CCP (China) lying to WHO about a SARS/Corona virus they were studying in a lab in Wuhan, and it got out into the general population, and they're burning the evidence and disappearing whistleblowers -- it is the CIA's job to make sure the President/Administration/Congress knows what the fuck is going on. The CDC handles the response to it, but the CIA gives us the intelligence to make informed decisions. They were completely absent on the whole COVID mess. This makes the Iraq War, Bush lied... fiasco (where George Tenet said, "WMD's were a slam dunk") look like it was competent.


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The TLA's (Three Letter Agencies) like the WHO, CDC, FDA, CIA and CCP, all blew chunks and lied. Our "experts" and agencies that we poured billions into failed miserably at their charters. The WHO repeated disinformation, the Chinese CCP lied and destroyed evidence, the CIA failed to warn adequately on those lies, the CDC under-reacted at the start and overreacted later (both doing more harm than if they didn't exist), the Models were a complete fucking disaster. Basically, all the agencies meant to help, made it worse. The acronym SNAFU (System Normal: All Fucked Up) comes to mind. Without these agencies, the private sector just worked better. How do we know? Countries that responded the best: South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan -- all did the right things without the equivalent of these agencies to guide them.


Seal of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.svg
The Central Intelligence Agency, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world. The CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with extremely limited domestic intelligence collection allowed. While there are many highly competent people doing their best to protect our country, there seems to be extreme dysfunction at the top, as they are a clown car of incompetence for the last generation.