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The Trump hating (TDS suffering) media, decided everything Trump said was wrong. Lies about Trump and COVID included: Trump claimed COVID is a hoax, Trump claimed drinking Lysol is a cure, Trump claiming vaccines in 2020 was impossible, Hydroxychloroquine had no evidence or broader that other drugs like Remdesivir or Ivermectin were false hope, that it originated in China, that the travel ban was racist, that it might have originated in a lab.

Issue Lie Truth
COVID Trump According to the far left media, social media, and DNC, everything Trump said was wrong, like Operation Warp Speed would get a vaccine before the end of 2020, Hydroxychloroquine had no evidence, other drugs like Remdesivir or Ivermectin were false hope, that COVID originated in China, that the travel ban was racist, that it might have originated in a lab, that Trump had claimed COVID was a Hoax, or was too slow to respond, that lack of testing was his fault, or it would have helped, and so on. In truth, each of those things was later proven that Trump and the conservatives were correct, and that the leftists, Biden, and their Press (and Social Media and Fake Fact Checkers) were all embarrassingly wrong.


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The Coronavirus is named after the fact that under a microscope it looks like the surface of the sun, with lots of little protrusions and bumps. These are series of diseases, but the one everyone is talking about for now, is the Chinese (Wuhan COVID-19 for COrona VIrus Disease circa 2019, or SARS-CoV-2) that's going pandemic. While the CDC, WHO and FDA all blew their response, we've never seen a more effective response to a pandemic, and the U.S. outperformed most of the world in objective metrics. But as to be expected, partisan Democrats and their media never let an opportunity go to waste: to politicize, polarize, divide and undermine the American economy and people.
Our "experts" and agencies that we poured billions into failed miserably at their charters. The TLA's (Three Letter Agencies) like the WHO, CDC, FDA, CIA and CCP, all blew chunks and/or lied, undermining faith in them amongst the rational. The mainstream media was an embarrassment, getting most stories wrong by taking the far left view of everything, and later being discredited and having to reverse themselves. By being the tools of the far left (DNC) and MSM, Big Tech (Social Media) was worse, censoring stories that didn't fit their agenda, and later it turning out all they did is magnify disinformation that they claimed to be protecting us from. And of course progressive's (politicians and individuals), in demanding conformity to the far left collective, managed to do more harm than COVID ever could. So what did we learn?
Donald Trump
A list of articles on Trump, his scandals (real and imagined). My goal isn't to cheerlead or slam, but I am anti-establishment and have the most interest in the parts of the story that the media/left has omitted, and giggle at cry-bullies getting their comeuppance. That's probably too much nuance for many, as anything but rabid attacks make many think I'm a Trump lover. While I wish he was a better behaved champion and didn't get in the mud with the pigs, but if he didn't, he'd be Mitt Romney and he'd likely lose. So they despise him for doing what they do back to them. I don't like either of them, but I like the one fighting for individuals more than the ones fighting to oppress them.