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There are multiple vaccines (over 100) in various stages of development, including 8 in clinical trials. That's not counting that some vaccines that don't work to stop a disease can sometimes at least lessen it, or prime defenses. A few include:

  • Moderna started trials on 03.16 and hopes for fall front-line delivery.[1]
  • Inovio intitialted their phase 1 on 04.06[2]
  • China's CanSino Biologics started trials on 03.17, already in phase II (they don't have the FDA holding them back)[3]
  • China's Sinovac Biotech started trials on 04.16[4]
  • Oxford started trials on 04.23 and is preparing to scale quickly[5]
  • Israel MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] is going through animal testing and expected to start human trials in Summer 2020[6]


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