California Resistance

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Hillary Clinton was a rape facilitator, who attacked victims of sexual assault, was the most corrupt Candidate in my lifetime, got caught colluding with the Russians, and the Media, to rig an election, her campaign was paying people to assault the other candidates supporters, broke out national security laws and was let off by a corrupt FBI (claiming she was too incompetent to be held accountable), and was a divisive shrew. None of that matters, to them. Instead of having the good grace or manners to shut up and accept the loss, or recognize the flaws in their candidate (or policies), they lead a "resist" movement, to resist Democracy when they don't get their way. They'll belittle, demean and attack (verbally or physically) anyone that disagrees with them, in the name of tolerance. California is where, "Punch a Nazi in the face!" meets "everyone I don't like is Hitler!".

🗒️ NOTE:
I didn't vote for either candidate, and I don't think Trump was the perfect candidate either. But his supporters didn't post that poll, and then gloat about their bigoted hypocrisy. So the point is that if you're in glass houses, you should probably put down the rocks.