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Some misinformed folks claim, "Canadians are more free" than Americans. So I created a list of ways the U.S. is has more freedoms than Canada: Looser immigration policies, Less regulations, More Entrepreneurialism, fewer government supported monopolies, cheaper everything, lower Taxes, First Amendment, Second Amendment, Healthcare choices, Education, Smoking, Pot, and so on. This isn't saying Canada is a bad place, but like most places run by leftists, you're only free to do what the left wants to allow.

  • cheaper everything: Airfare, phone service, groceries, cars, and so on -- the reason is taxes, tariffs, regulations, and other things that may have some value -- but they do not increase freedom.
  • Government monopolies on Internet carriers, phones, cable, power, and so on. The U.S. has that too. They often have it worse.
  • Lower Taxes - you're only as free (economically) as your tax basis (that's how much a slave to the state you are).
  • Free Speech: In Canada you can be imprisoned for "Hate speech". But the 1A wasn't created for speech government agrees with.
  • Education : Canada is more GPA (compliance/bureaucracy) focused, in the U.S. they can take other things into account, creativity, accomplishment, or just ability and willingness to pay. Private education is a sign of freedom and a free market. Government-only (or mostly) is a sign of less.
  • Smoking (I don't smoke, but banning it federally isn't what liberty looks like)
  • Legalized Pot (some states -- but again, allowing state by state is more free than the federal government deciding everything).