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After 12 years of Occupy Wall Street, BLM and Antifa riots and hundreds of assaults (and a few murders) on Trump supporters... who knew that a few Republicans acting like Democrats (or Democrats dressed up like Republicans) would suddenly flip the left and their media from being riot apologists and defund the police fanatics into, "shoot them in the face" and complete totalitarian authority fans? Since the intelligent response for the violence apologist left would be to either (a) say nothing (b) apoligize and say "I see now that I was wrong", they instead turned this into a partisan opportunity to divide us more -- and blame the other side, for what they started, agitated, and are trying to further with their histrionics (whether they are bright enough to recognize it or not).



First and foremost, I denounce the violence. If you have any questions about whether I support the violence, please re-read that line as many times as it takes to get that is where I'm coming from.

I've been saying violence is the wrong solution ever since community organizers (including Obama) made excuses for it with Occupy Wall Street (2011), BLM (2013), Antifa (2016). Heck, many of them have been apologizing for left wing violence since the 1960's. The most extreme even launch their political careers at terrorists homes (like Obama at Bill Ayers house). While Kamala Harris raised money for the BLM/Antifa rioters bail money (and local Democrats let them out of jail without any bail, so they could go to the next city and repeat the violence?

The media and left either defended their actions, made excuses for it, or outright supported it and their cause. [1]After 9 (or 50) years, many billions of dollars of damage, suddenly Democrats and their press have come to the realization that riots are bad? Good for them. As recently as June they were making excuses for left wingers burning down the capitol (including historic churches) and assaulting Conservative Congressmen and Senators (or calling for people to harass legislators/politicians in their homes or while eating at Restaurants). Nice that you suddenly had a change of heart. Welcome to the fucking club hypocrites. Better late than never. (Sorry if that sounds bitter -- but if they won't admit to the problem, then we can't find a solution -- and they were the problem).

I've been saying then and now, that violence is wrong and should be the absolute last resort and only in defense (not aggression). And unlike them, I sincerely mean it. They didn't care when State Houses were taken over for months and their sessions disrupted... but when it's part of their anointing someone for the biggest election cheat in our nations history? That they get the vapors over. Of course I don't believe in their sudden change of heart. This just proves how insincere they are. When are political protests a problem for the left? Two cases: (1) When they expose Democrat election cheating (2) when the Tea party tries to reign in big spending. As soon as they go back to the lies about police violence as an excuse to free criminals (or not hold them accountable) and increase crime, or they come to punishing businesses/businessmen for creating wealth, or they're just about dividing us by race or special interest, they'll be all in on them again. Those that can't see that are terminally ignorant, or terminally partisan. Thus their crocodile tears and pearl clutching would go a lot further if they had enough self awareness to admit they were wrong before, and start with a sincere apology. So far, I have not seen one.

🗒️ NOTE:
Of course because I will go on to look at the actual causes and remedies. Those that don't want to address the actual points made will accuse me of being an apologist (and already have) -- that's how the left tries to shut down discussion and introspection. When it is their need to stifle decent is the causes of the violence (or at least a major contributor)... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I am 100% against the completely predictable violence that was done at the Capitol -- but that doesn't mean I can't also be irked at the things that caused it, or want to find ways to avoid it in the future.

Double Standards

Not 10 minutes into the reported violence, Trump tweeted and spoke that this must end, to respect the cops, and go home. This is something Joe Biden or his Press have never done for Antifa or BLM, 9 years in. So of course since Trump's honorable actions made them look bad, they flip the script and claim he instigated it by complaining that a corrupted election was corrupted -- and speaking truth to power is what caused it. (Only they pretend the truth is a lie... and their lie is the truth).


Instead the left claims this is unprecedented, and OMG bad. If you don't remember:

  • Madison, Wisconsin, the Capitol is taken over by unionists in 2011[2]
  • Hart Senate Office Building taken over during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in 2018 [3]
  • Democrat protestors attacked the Supreme Court building chanting hateful slurs in 2018 while Kavanaugh was being sworn in (but did not get inside) [4]
  • Seattle and Portland take over of various government buildings
  • All the myriad of statues destroyed or removed
  • In 1983, Susan Rosenberg bombing the US Senate chamber to assassinate Republican senators. Jerry Nadler for Bill Clinton to pardon her, and she’s now a board member of Black Lives Matter Network, Inc.
  • Remember when Democrat protestors surrounded the White House, tried to tear down the fences and screamed, "Drag him out!", then went over and set fire to a historic Church in the Capitol last June? Yet no complaints from the left or media on the assault on Democracy it was, or charges for Kamala for raising bail money for the rioters.

The Democrats want to pretend that this is unprecedented (to claim that an election was stolen by voter Fraud). But they did it to the last 3 republicans: (1) In 2016 they did it to Trump (2) in 2005 they did it to George Bush (3) In 2001 they did it to George Bush. [5] The only thing unprecedented in this, is that the right is doing it back to the left, and the amount of evidence that supports their complaint. So any organizations or politician that pretends this is unprecedented is a liar or a hypocrite. (CNN, NYT, WaPo, and most high profile Democrats all used this canard, so you know where their integrity lies).

But other than that, yeah, they have the moral high ground.


The far left started the trope which their media repeated and the tools and fools believed, that this out of hand protest was somehow the worst ever (or even more moronically, a coup attempt). Yet other than the media reaction, there's no objective metric where that's true.

  • Seat of Government? Nope. Governors mansions, State Capital buildings, Hart building, Courthouses (including the Supreme Court), were all attacked and many desecrated and vandalized. Heck, on the same day as this happened, the DNC supported Antifa attacked the Multnomah Courthouse (Portland) and did far more damage in the Antifa occupation zone -- the 3rd riot there since New Years Eve. The press suppressed coverage of that story. [6]
  • Form: While government in session/swearing in is unqiue? Nope. Antifa/BLM did same on a multitude of occasions, including pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court while Kavanaugh was being sworn in. Or the same violence during Trump's inauguration.
  • Scale: This wasn't anywhere near as violent as the average "mostly peaceful" protest from the left. Nothing was burned down, the degree of vandalism almost non-existent. The violence against the protestors (including shooting an unarmed protestor in the face), was far more extreme than if they were democrats -- so naturally they lied about that.
  • Motivation: in demands they were far less radical. There was no "defund the police", kill the cops, and so on. The basic motivation was they were demanding an audit of an election that has been corrupted and they were denied standing in court.
  • Success: They were more successful at getting inside than many Democrat riots. But that was mostly because the DC Mayor (Democrat) had denied the National Guard security that she was offered by the President. There's your malfeasance. A criminal that tries to break into 1,000 homes, and is successful dozens of times (and burns a couple down), is certainly more a problem than a person walking into the unlocked door of the Governors Mansion and demands a fix to the pothole problem... even if the latter breaks a vase while there. Unless you're an elitist snob, and don't care about the lesser minions.

The histrionics about this being a coup or insurrection is just prestidigitation by radical left. Sure, there was a a smaller handful that wanted that (or to have Pence tried for treason) than the average city council meeting in a Democrat controlled city. But the point of the march was about getting illegal votes audited, and revolution/overthrow of the government was never happening. And if this is the standard for treason/insurrection, that makes every Antifa/BLM rally worse -- and they were often funded and bailed out by prominent Democrats (like Kamala Harris).

Proof that it's bullshit is that they went on to claim this was a racist/white supremacist march -- the left's go-to attempt to silence the other side. Again, while I don't doubt a couple douchebags were in a crowd of ≈800,000 -- the ratio was lower than in BLM, or on the cast/crew at an MSNBC show. Democrats and their media are using that to distract their useful idiots from the reality that this was a nothing-burger -- and they're trying to use this as an opportunity to purge the other side under the excuse of an insurrection that they encouraged, every step of the way. (By defrauding an election, refusing to give them standing, removing security before a protest they knew was coming, etc).

Divide and conquor

In the 3rd example of how divisive the Biden/Harris administration is going to be (the first was in continuously using the "Very fine people" lie in the campaign, the second was in their extremist cabinet picks), Biden and Kamala went on a gaslight speaking tour, telling fabrications about how different these protestors were treated compared to honorable BLM/Antifa protestors over summer. And the clueless trolls and media will repeat it. [7]

Only the facts are the Democrat supporting protestors had burned down churches, assaulted Senators and Congressman, after a long history of doing the same. In this protest they did far, far less damage, despite far more people being there, they were shot and killed for it (unlike in Democrat protests) in what sounds like a clear case of abuse of power (as according to this witness there was no immediate threat to life, and no self defense claim[8]), another was pushed 50' off the roof to severe injury [9], and they've been far more crucified in the media.

You can think it is justified in this case, I don't care. What I care about is that before they've even taken office, the new President and Vice President elect are already doing what Obama and Democrats do, and trying to lie to us and memory hole their past of a mere 6 months ago, and convince us and themselves that they have the moral high ground as the victims. When they started the protests as political agenda. Who knew their violence would result in the other side copying their lead? Oh, everyone rational. (E.g. not Democrats).

Now CNN, Democrat leaders and the mouthpieces of the left are trying to convince their rubes that a protest that got out of hand is terrorism, because it was violence for a political ends. And that Trump should be impeached or the 25th Amendment invoked (ignore the 150 on their side)? Can you imagine how bad a precedent that would set? That whenever there's a protest that turns violent it's time to politicize impeachment or question the sanity of the President? Fucking idiots. That's fine -- let's round up all the people who supported BLM and Antifa, or the peace movement, or wouldn't denounce them as terrorists for sedition (as they seriously called for on Trump). Bring back the firing line -- let's start with all the kids that survived the Kent State Riot. Oh, wait. They want to pretend that only the other side's protests are terrorists? Well that's not justice, that Soviet Style rounding up your political enemies and oppressing them for being less criminal than you are! Fuck you! [10] You want violent insurrections? Well that's how you get them. Start using the powers of government to persecute the other side because you don't like them - and that will turn the people against their government. Either they don't know that, and aren't smart enough to be near the reigns of power, or they do know it, and shouldn't be near the reigns of power. I think anyone that suggests that, should be tried for sedition.

🗒️ NOTE:
I let a FB friend know that I was disappointed in him shifting from just (a) disliking and bashing Trump to (b) supporting the mob in trying to impeach him and throw him out of office in the last days, in order to completely disenfranchise his voters/supporters.

He asked, "what's the difference?"
I explained that one is opinion, the other is supporting the mob.
He asked, "what if the Mob is right?"
I explained that many lynchings were done against guilty men (or by sincere justice seekers). That doesn't make the mob right.
I don't know if he went silent because he got the point or refused to get the point. But at least someone made the point.


Actual calls for violence. But Trump is the problem for telling people to stop it, and go home?

The left will of course blame Trump. "Orangeman is bad" has been their mantra for 4 years, and by proxy anyone that doesn't agree with them is bad, and violence against people that don't think Orangeman is bad, is something they encourage or at least excuse. Calls for violence don't look like Trump complaining about a rigged election, and then telling people to go home the moment they do anything wrong. It looks like the Democrats actually doing far worse, and not getting called on it.

If you doubt that, they were calling this a coup, long before it was a coup, and had banners pre-made to "Stop the Coup" before there was any violence. If there wasn't evidence of one, be sure they would have found it anyways. The fact that a coup means something completely different (a military take-over by force), or that their misuse of the word "insurrection" is also wrong (there's never been an insurrection of weaponless voters complaining about an election in the history of mankind) -- this was just a protest that got out of hand and was far less violence and vandalism than the average BLM/Antifa march.

The reason the left hates Trump is that Trump was raised by Democrats and acts like them (he's immune to their bullying). To them, he's at fault for a mostly peaceful protest (of 800,000?) having a small a handful of Republicans (or Republican look-alike's) act like Democrats... and after a decade of leftist violence and suppression against them, a few of them might reflect that violence back? How gosh! Again, the hypocrisy of ignoring that their politicians apologized or encouraged worse is a double standard that they are completely prepared to live with.

While I don't approve of the protestors methods, I don't approve of the left trying to sweep the entire context under the rug and pretend that this isn't what they've been gleefully demanding and hoping for. Heck, CNN and MSDNC was calling it a "mob" instead of a protest when they were standing peaceably listening to speeches, they reported nothing about Antifa and other left wingers encouraging their supporters to go disrupt it and commit violence dressed as MAGA supporters, and they failed to cover (or actively tried to discount) the legitimate grievances that brought them there.

So why did this happen? Who knew that if you steal an election (violate you own legal process), ignore the evidence, the courts deny the victims have any standing, refuse to investigate, then call a long list of suspicious evidence and witnesses a “conspiracy theory” and ignore/discount them, that out of 75+ million disenfranchised voters, that you might find a few that will act like Democrats/Antifa? Heck, everyone rational knew that, and was warning against it for weeks/months/years.

Democracy is meant to be a placebo to appease the masses and give them an illusion that they have a voice. But if you openly cheat, then refuse to hold the cheaters to account by even looking into it - then why have a democracy? It's not like the masses of educated voters are going to trust you.

Democrats spent the last 50 years undermining every single effort to secure a vote from fraud. They opposed VoterID, in-person voting (replacing it with universal mail-in ballots, which has been admitted to be ripe with fraud [11]), they opposed opposition auditors watching the count, and recounts, they picked the worst software for the job (other states rejected), eliminating signature validation, transcribed votes without witnesses, broke the chain of evidence, then attacked those that complained.

Who knew subverting our democracy would create a Constitutional Crisis, a lack of confidence in our elections, and backlash? "Oh, I know, I know who... pick me!"



After 4 years, billions of dollars of damage, suddenly Democrats and their press has come to the realization that riots are bad? Who knew it would take one from the other side of the aisle to make the Democrats and their media flip positions on "mostly peaceful protests"? I thought Trumpism was just an idea and not an organization? (To quote Biden). Trump came out within 10 minutes and demanded law and order. Which is more than Joe Biden all last year wrt to BLM/Antifa. But since the truth makes the Democrats look bad, they need to flip the narrative (lie and point fingers).

At least unlike Antifa or BLM and the Democrats, most of the Republicans I read aren’t rooting them on, and condemned them immediately. Heck, after a year of being mute about burning state houses and vandalizing neighborhoods, Joe Biden suddenly came to the realization that breaking windows is bad. Imagine how bad he’d think it was if they came armed, spray painted, toppled historic statues and burned down historic buildings, and looted? Or assaulted him and his supporters for 5 years, like’s been happening to conservatives?

The left on the other hand:

  • (1) Lied and started calling it a Coup Attempt or Insurrection (or Treason). All those demonstrate they either don't understand what the words actually mean -- or they don't care if they are dishonest trolls. The Democrats and the leftist media was calling it Coup, for wanting to count/validate the vote? That's not what it means. Just like a protest that breaks a couple windows is not an insurrection or Antifa should have been put down 3 years ago, not to mention BLM, and the peace movement of the 60's. That hypocritical double standard of the left, alienates anyone who wants reasonably fair justice for both sides.
  • (2) We had Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all censored / blocked the President of the United States from posting on their service for the high crime of telling the rioters to step down. Remember, this is the same organization that will let the Ayotola Komhenie post anti-semitic rants, or allows the left to regularly call for violence against the right. Like all the left wingers lining up to demand that all the protestors be shot for the crimes of the few. (NOTE: They banned conservatives for saying anything like that, for FAR more damage being done by antifa/BLM riots).[12]
  • (3) The left flipped on a dime -- and went from "Defund the Police" and how they could never do anything right... to suddenly, they were completely correct to shoot unarmed civilians, for breaking into the people's house. Remember that Antifa and BLM had done the same thing a 1/2 dozen times to state houses and federal courts in the past, with no barbaric cries for immediate death -- and if the conservatives had, the left would have lost their nut.

False Flag


There's a lot of people that believe that this was a False Flag effort: that it was BLM/Antifa doing it and trying to pin it on Trump supporters. Here's why:

  • For a week before the event it was known and circulated in right-wing circles that there were fliers/posts on Antifa networks saying they should come out in droves and disrupt the peaceful protests dressed as MAGA supporters or Cops to pin vandalism and violence on them. That's known as a "tell". And the left had gotten caught doing that often with Tea Party activists and at some Trump rally's.
  • It is far less common for conservatives to be as radical as progressives (despite disinformation to the contrary). There are radical organizations that the media calls right wing, but their provenance as conservatives/Republicans/Trump supporters is less solid than they make it seem. (Examples are things like Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer was an Occupy Wall Street Leftist, that announced his support of Joe Biden, and the media went dark).
  • Washington Times reported that XRVision Facial Recognition Software reported two prominent Antifa members at the event. [13] They later deleted the story -- and then replaced it with a correction version that it was two "extremists" (not Antifa) folks were identified by the software, but at least two other Antifa members were identified in the crowd by witnesses. Democrats rejected those claims as baseless because they don't believe witnesses who aren't attacking Republicans.
  • Q-Anon Agitator (Jake Angeli / QAnon Shaman) a tattoo'd shaman and actor/voice actor that believes in spiritual healing and often attended left wing events and is a well known Climate Activist. He's not accepted leader to any movement/following/organization that the right recognizes -- but his social media was mostly sanitized of his far left ideology or past. [14] The fact that he claims he supports Trump, and is a tattoo'd extremist / left wing looking/acting guy, doesn't help the case that this was a normal conservative/Trump movement. So the left or he can say he's a typical right winger... but no sane right winger would agree. Oh, and he was taking selfies on the Capitol building steps, before the protest with Michael Vos (Nancy Pelosi's son-in-law). Nothing smells fishy there.
  • Another photographed agitator had a Hammer and Sickle tattoo -- that's not symbolism of the right/Trump supporters (more Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Antifa crowd).
  • The guy that beat cops with a baseball bat? He didn't vote and “wasn't there for Trump”, just another black left wing agitator in disguise? [15]
  • One of the people that was at the head of the line is John Sullivan, an admitted left-wing BLM activist and Trump hater. By definition, he was at least one left-wing infiltrator. And he was instigating by threatening the cops, right before they shot Ashli Babbitt -- thus was certainly part of the problem. So BLM and Antifa were there, and were part of the problem. Don't expect most of the Press to report on that. [16]
  • There is video of an Antifa punk breaking Windows, and the Trump supporters around him stopping him. [17]
  • The guy photographed stealing Nancy Pelosi's podium, was a non-affiliated not-a-Trump supporter. [18] Showing that at least some of the vandalism wasn't by Trumpers. Blaming Trump for this, is like blaming Nike for Nicole and Ron's death because a OJ was wearing their shoes.
  • Logan Grimes was arrested on gun charges. Who knew that fascist DC was intolerant towards guns, let alone guns with standard capacity magazines (what the left calls “high capacity” but are actually the ones they come with from the factory). Anyways, his dad went on Detroit Free Press and claimed his son wasn’t a Trump supporter (he was there to make sure they didn’t get out of hand) so should get a different standard of justice? I think not. He chose to violate the local laws. I don’t agree with those laws. But he should be punished the same as anyone else, or you’re advocating for injustice, not justices. [19]
  • The media has consistently lied or gotten wrong almost all their accusations against Trump. (Hundred of examples of mistakes since he started running), especially about QAnon, Alt-Right, and violence and events. They still repeat the lie that he called NeoNazi's "Very fine people". So their credibility is shot. Many informed people naturally knee-jerk the other way, and assume if the media is trying to sell it (or bury it), then the opposite is true. Thus by ignoring or suppressing the evidence that Antifa might have been involved, it makes people assume that means they must have been. Certainly there's nothing like journalism going on by not investigating whether the claims are real, or why people would believe it. Just defensive attacks claiming it's all a conspiracy theory : like those sneaky Trump supporters duped the poor press into getting everything else wrong for years, just so they could do this.
🗒️ NOTE:
Q-Anon is not really a right wing movement, it is more a fringe anti-establishment (almost anarchy) folks that are trolling for attention and might hate Trump slightly less than they love screwing with the pro-establishment left, so they get called right wingers. That doesn't make them Trump supporters, any more than all pedophiles are Biden supporters, or Pimps are for Kamala Harris.

Does that mean I think that all the violence was done by Antifa?

No. But I believe a lot of people believe that, for good reasons. Which makes it newsworthy, and it should be openly discussed. The fact that it isn't, or that many are trying to discount it before looking into it, just makes their claims less credible. If you want to debunk it, then you show the opposing sides best arguments, and show why they're wrong. You don't suppress it, or discount it before looking into it.

With all the evidence, why don't I believe it?

  • Antifa also doesn't have a successful history of large scale infiltration. Yes, the left did it with the Tea Party movement (snuck in leftists to pretend to be racists and make the other side look bad), yes it is a union/leftist tactic from way back, yes Antifa got a few individuals into opposing events -- but most are caught/identified during or after the event. So it just doesn't seem likely at scale.
  • Odds are Antifa was there among the instigators (we know of a few). But there are many reasons I think this was more Trump supporters than just agnostic agitators and alt-Left (Antifa) folks is; you can't disenfranchise, insult, shout down, and censor 75M people for 4+ years, without trolling for a few extremists. Their real grievances were no given standing by the courts (illegally and against the states constitution in Penn's case)... and when you refuse to investigate or hear their complaints, their only outlets are illegal ones. The odds of angering a few of the 75+ Million and this getting out of hand, is just far higher than incompetent leftists having their first successful widespread agent provocateur effort and it remaining a secret. There might have been a few, and they might have instigated some of the bad things. But the majority of participants in the protest were sincere.
  • The lady shot (Ashli Babbitt) was not antifa and was certainly a sincere, if misguided, patriot. [20] The fact that the left doesn't care, and isn't screaming about justice for her, shows their hypocrisy. But she was a patriot, not a BLM/Antifa person.
  • There was no trying to topple statues, no tagging/spray-painting, no setting fires or beating people with bike locks, no widespread vandalism. Even a left wing witness admits they just wanted to get in to see the proceeding, and not break destroy things. That's not very Antifa like. Basically, they were far too well behaved to be left wingers. [21]
  • The FBI says there's no evidence of Antifa. Of course they have lost most of their credibility as a non-partisan agency in the last 4 years, and they can't seem to find their own assholes with their thumbs and a 3 way mirror (based on the loss of evidence, corruption and keystone cop incompetence). But it's something. And Andy Ngo says he didn't recognize any key players (at least from thousands of miles away). [22]
  • Many of the people who were there shot video selfies and talked about being there.... and most of the those people have been sincere Trumpers. [23] Of course smart agent provocateurs would be smart enough to not film themselves (one hopes). But there are valid numbers of sincere Trumpers in the crowd.

So while the left has FAR more extremists by nature of their ideology and they support they are given, and it is highly curious that this was the only Republican march in 4 years without a visible Antifa presence, I think it is just less likely that they caused this, than tempers of a few fringies, finally boiled over. Heck, I've been warning this was a consequence of oppressing the othe side for a decade or three.



I posted this right before the violence broke out -- but it's as true after as before. I don’t mind that the Democrats win occasionally. (Not a huge fan, but it’s going to happen). I don't mind if they complain about protests that turn violent no matter what party does it. What pisses me off is (1) hypocrisy (2) willful ignorance


  • (A) pretending that there’s no cheating - is willful ignorance, we all know there was some. We might not be able to prove it, or prove that it was enough — but pretending that there’s no evidence and it’s undermining democracy to complain about it?
  • (B) There’s more evidence of it than there ever was of quid pro quo/scampeachment or Russian collusion — so getting outraged that the Republicans are behaving BETTER than they were, with more justification is just being dicks
  • (C) Democrats protested the election wins in 2001, 2005 and 2016, but this time its’ different? Why? There’s more evidence of wrongdoing. But instead of shutting up and being gracious — they have to rub it in, and pretend anyone that believes in reality is a conspiracy theorist — and that they would never act like this (when we know they’d be burning shit down). That’s just assholishness.

Democrats are lousy losers and worse humans when they win. They tantrum and riot when they lose fairly, they cheat, win, gloat when they win unfairly, and pretend the other side are bad humans for being less frustrated and tantrum’ish for more justification than they ever had. They openly propose anti-constitutional bullshit like stacking the Supreme Court, or the senate by adding DC as a state, etc... then they get offended when called on it. Why would you think they are anti-American just because they want to undermine the law of the land? They elect abrasive flakes, change the rules to poison the other side, then blame the other side for lowering the tone. They hated Trump because he’s like a more intelligent and civil version of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, or either of those two Senators in Georgia. But yeah, Trump was the problem. They riot for 9 years (hundreds of times) about all sorts of bullshit and fully debunked reasons, and then they get histrionic that a few extremists might have done a fraction as bad back? Spare me the sanctimony, and come back when you have the moral high ground.

This article sums it up well:

❝ The spectacle of a serving president inciting a mob against the US Congress to stop the certification of his successor held the world in morbid fascination. But the biggest problem isn’t Trump’s misbehavior, egregious as it is, but the eruption of popular rancor against the constitutional system that has made America a model of governance for the world. Leftist mobs last spring burned police stations and destroyed shopping districts in a rampage against supposed systemic racism, and Trump supporters desecrated the Holy of Holies of American democracy, the chamber of the United States Senate. ❞

When two out of five Americans now believe that a vast conspiracy rigged the 2020 presidential elections, and you can't get any legal power to even consider investigating what hundreds of witnesses attest to, video shows, statistics prove, and so on. There is no confidence in our Democracy... and that means there's no interest into listening to bully's masquerading as our leaders.

Or Ben Shapiro Captures it with


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Digital Kristallnacht
Before he's even inaugurated, Joe Biden's supporters demanded and acted on Digital Kristallnacht: attacking conservatives on Social Media in order to find unity for the cause and spreading hate and division in the name of healing. The least historically informed will think I'm being absurdly hyperbolic... it was only 7,000 digital businesses that were destroyed instead of physical ones damaged, but the black-hearted idea is the same, "if you disagree with us, we will put you in a digital reservation / concentration camp and remove you from our version of civilized society". This polarization (and Biden's silence) sets up the ultimate litmus test: do you support this, or are you an American? The President of Mexico (Lopez Obrador) spoke out immediately against it as did Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny , showing they are more American than Joe Biden, his supporters, and the majority of the American media who supported it or remained silent. Anyone that is not outraged over Big Tech's Executive Order 9066 and the digital interment of the Trumpanese, is not a good person.
Pronounced “par-lay” (not parlor) was set up in 2018 as another free speech alternative to Twitter.
  • In 2019 it was tiny with 100K users. But after getting some high profile celebrities kicked off Twitter for not being Marxist enough, and landing there, it started to build a real audience -- going from a few thousand downloads to hundreds of thousands a month (#1 in the App Stores and stayed there) and 500K active users in mid 2020. .
  • Social Networks are the sum of their audience, and they're mostly attracting those kicked off other platforms: so a bit heavy on the anti-PC stuff labelled as Hate Speech (Anti-Semitism, anti-feminist or anti-Trans/LGBTQ), but as FB and Twitter got more hostile to conservatives, Parler was getting a more diverse audience and getting much better.
  • After Digital Kristallnacht in 2021 where the fascist left tech companies de-platformed tens of thousands of conservatives; they were flocking to Parler and activity, accounts and downloads exploded. They had reached a critical mass.
  • Since fascists aren't happy with people having anywhere to disagree with them -- the Tech Oligarchs attacked in unison to destroy any outlet that conservatives might have to find a voice (kicking them off Google Play, Apple's App Store, Amazon's AWS service pulled their hosting, and any other service they used yanked them as well, using the made-up pretense that they were uniquely dangerous because virtually all of the threats and coordination around the Capitol Hill Violence (basically a protest that got out of hand) was done on Twitter and FB (not Parler).
  • Non-fascists are flocking to MeWe and Gab instead.