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Booker is a serial liar and showboat, so is a Democrat favorite for being a 2020 Presidential Candidate (or at least appointment to cabinet level position).

Examples of Bookerisms: 7 items

  • Brett Kavanaugh -
    The left has a rich history of politicizing and undermining the autonomy of the Supreme Court. Democrats put litmus tests on their sides appointments, and accuse the other side of doing the same -- but the truth is the right does not have to: their side fight for Constitutional originalism which limits federal power, while the left fights for activists who will invent laws from the bench (thus they need to know what those laws might be). This started with Samuel Chase and impeachment from the court in 1803 over judicial overreach and bad behavior. But in modern times the left invented slow rolling the other sides appointments, or outright blocking them on specious grounds. Then they invented the concept of "Borking" which is inventing lame excuses to slander justices to get them to withdraw, and undermine what is clearly a Presidential power. Ted Kennedy had actually tried it on Bill Rehnquist, immediately before Bork, but it had failed -- but the success of Bork'ing Bork, got them to repeated the effort with Douglas Ginsburg (successfully), and Clearance Thomas (unsuccessfully), and they still harass Thomas as a sexual deviant or Uncle Tom to this day. The latest was over Brett Kavanaugh. The far left had pre-printed posters to hate on whichever of the dozen Justices that Trump picked -- not for actual flaws in their character, or over bad rulings/behavior, but because they don't like constitutionalists on the court, and they were trying to get the Republicans back over their anger at not getting Merick Garland. They even leaked press releases with "{Insert Justice's Name Here}" in place of the actual justices name by accident. This wasn't about who was picked, it was that the far left (and their media) wasn't getting to stack the Supreme Court with anti-Constitutional radicals and so they found a far left activist to invent an unprovable claim of sexual harassment (back in the 10th grade: 36 years ago), and turned the process into a #metoo witch hunt.
  • Booker on Gun Laws - Cory isn't just ignorant about everything else, he's profoundly ignorant on Guns and Gun Laws. So much so, that he doesn't even recognize how little he knows. He claims there are loopholes like, no fly lists, gun show loophole, and so on. Those aren't loopholes, those are called rights that he wants to violate like due process, free commerce and so on.
  • 2019.02.05 LGBTQ Law Clerk - While Democrats are trying to hold up Republican Judicial nominees (as usual), Booker Spartacus asks nominee Neomi Rao, "Have you had an LGBTQ law clerk?" She answers the dimwit from Jersey: (a) I'm not a judge, so I don't have law clerks (b) I don't know the sexual orientation of my staff.
  • 2019.02.01 Ignoring Booker's lies - While the Press will never pass up an opportunity to attack any minor exaggeration or error on the right, when they have an opportunity to question a serial liar (Booker), they carry his water instead and gloss over his past. (FakeNews). 🙈
  • 2019.01.29 Jussie Smollett - 💩 Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).
  • 2018.09.06 Corey Booker, "I am Spartacus" - Booker risked his career by knowingly breaking Senate rules and releasing confidential Committee documents on the Supreme Court nominee, while accusing Kavanaugh of having something to hide. Booker called this is "Spartacus" moment. Oh, the documents were already cleared for public release, and approved for releasing: no rule breaking, no possibility of him getting 2/3rds to vote him out if he had, just grandstanding. And they were a nothing burger. 🗣️
  • 2013.08.29 Imaginary Friend - Newark's worst mayor invents an imaginary friend ("T-Bone" the drug pusher) to make himself seem more street, when this thug threatened his life at one turn and sobbed on his shoulder the next. Despite repeating the stories, “a million” times (in his words), in highly personal, emotional ways, and in great detail... it comes out, this wasn't a person, but a composite of many people. And his stories? 💩