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Jimmy Carter was as inept fool of a President. I'm not saying he wasn't a smart man in other ways, just on domestic, foreign policy, diplomacy, government, human nature, economics, and common sense, he was the dumbest President we had in my lifetime. But other than that, he was a revisionist, the screwed up everything he stuck his nose in. The only thing he's done well is shut up and occasionally help Habitat for Humanity.

Examples: Carter : 2 items

Carter Russian Collusion - During the 1976 election, the Soviets suggested, "they could... affect the outcome of the election so as to favor Carter."

Carter Russian Collusion - During the 1980 election against Ronald Reagan, Carter lobbied for the Soviet Union to let "Jewish 'refuseniks' emigrate to Israel" in order to strengthen his standing in important states, but the Soviets rebuffed him.


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