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U.S. Constitution the first People's Constitution, and still the best.

America wrote the first and best Constitution in the world. It was brilliant because the authors studied other governments of the world before writing it, they wrote it based on liberty and tolerance, and they wanted to limit federal powers and govern as locally (State and community) as possible. It has both lasted hundreds of years, and yet didn't last a generation before it the authoritarian left started subverting it. Now it has been perverted beyond recognition, thanks to Jurisprudence over History/Contract Law.

The Federalists (authoritarians/progressives/Democrats) started undermining it immediately, and have continued to do so to this day. What we have today doesn't really resemble the government we were founded on, and most of the changes have been for the worse. Even the ones I agree with, and there's quite a few, undermined the law of the land, and eroded individual liberty. So let's go through them and history.


Constitution : 7 items

Sixth Amendment - Democrats/left are so against the 2A, that they're willing to sacrifice all our other civil rights (and bill of rights) as well, especially the 6th. The 6th basically guarantees fundamental rights like due process, the ability to face your accusers and the accusations. "Red Flag" laws (or ERPO's: Extreme Risk Protection Orders) are ones that say anyone can make claims that you are a threat to yourself or others, and thus should have your 2A (and 4A) civil rights taken away, based on secret Kafkaesque proceedings where the gun owner is barred from participating in the hearings, arguing their side of the dispute, or even seeing and addressing the accusers or charges until after the storm troopers have kicked in your door to take your property (for your own good).... and that's what a Police State looks like.

Second Amendment - America was founded on the idea that "Guns are liberties teeth", and if you can't trust your public to defend themselves, or to defend their liberty, then the government is corrupted beyond repair and it's time for a new one. To the left, that's an antiquated idea that needs to change -- so that they can remake America in a different image. To the informed, those actions are proof that the left is exactly the kind of leaders and issue positions that the founders were warning against, and the Second Amendment was written for.

Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution -
The Constitution of the United States created a representative republic marked by federalism and the separation of powers. The biggest failure in our Republic has been activist (leftist) judges on the Supreme Court that have expanded the power of that Court, Courts in general, and have then used their imagined powers to encroach or rewrite the Constitution into areas that it, and thus they, never had any authority. (While the Congress and President did little, because that encroachment suited them in the moment). This book details a lot of that devolution from Republic into an Oligarchy of 9, that often don't even pretend to defend the Constitution, but only their own opinions, using prior imagined precedent as cover.

Fourth Amendment - Democrats/left are so against the 2A, that they're willing to sacrifice all our other civil rights (and bill of rights) as well, including the 4th. The 4th protects against illegal search and seizures by requiring probable cause. But "Red Flag" laws (and no fly lists), both violate the 6th clearly and stretch the 4th in some seriously questionable ways. Basically, anyone can claim you're dangerous and the storm-troopers will come and endanger you or your family if you resist, and you can try to sort it all out later.... and that's getting dangerously close to what a Police State looks like.

First Amendment - When it comes to Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of the Right Wing Press (Radio, TV or Internet), the left has almost always opposed it. At least if you're saying anything they don't like.

Eighth Amendment - There's a statement in the Eighth Amendment which says, "...nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted". It wasn't until Furman v. Georgia (408 U.S. 238) 1972 that the progressive activist side of the court was able to invent the trope that the death penalty could be considered cruel and unusual and be barred by the Constitution. None of them could agree with each other as to why this was the case, but the one excuse in common was about the "arbitrary imposition" of the punishment. (Basically, they were saying because it was rare and arbitrarily applied, they could say that was cruel). This is something that the Founding Fathers would have likely been completely surprised by, as capital punishment was quite common (thus not unusual) punishment for the prior 200 (nay, thousands) of years. Again, when Democrats/left can't win the right way (a Constitutional Amendment, etc), they just cheat and lie. The States rewrote their Capital Punishment laws to guarantee that it would be less arbitrary, and with their core excuse gone, even the liberal Supreme's had admit in Gregg v. Georgia (428 U.S. 153 ) 1976, that the death sentence could be imposed without being cruel and unusual.

Eighteenth Amendment - Progressive Conservative Democrats helped drive Alcohol Prohibition: the right way for once, via the Amendment process. While their propaganda tries to label it "right wing": most of the leadership and effort came from the Progressive, Democrats and the left. The whole radical idea that you should limit what other people put in their bodies, through federal powers, is quite a bit against the whole spirit of conservatism, individualism, liberty and the constitution. This was a huge lesson to the informed that laws need to follow society, not try to force society before the culture is ready or you get lawlessness and empowerment of organized crime. The left still gets that backwards and thinks the law should lead society.
    • Twenty-First Amendment: this repealed prohibition. Since the left hates giving up government power over our lives, they converted the anti-Alcohol cops and regulations into the DEA and Anti-Drug and Guns instead. The conservatives/right demand we enforce the laws we put on the books. But it's usually the controlling left/Democrats that demand those laws be put on the books. The other aspect of this is the anti-tobacco movements were popular with temperance leftists, and most of our anti-smoking laws also sprung out of this movement



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