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I've claimed that the if the left didn't have double-standards, they wouldn't have standards at all. That's of course not completely fair, as I'm sure there are a few people that are hard core leftists that have standards and will be as outraged by their sides bad behavior as they are against the other. Someday I'll meet them. But for now, it's the 90% of vocal ones that give the rest a bad name. Here's just a list of examples of cases where I'm annoyed by the hypocrisy.


Issue Position1 Position2
Illegal Immigrants over Veterans Democrats give $27M to illegal aliens for subsidized tuition. Democrats block giving $2.7M (1/10th that) to Gold Star families (children of deceased and disabled military veterans).
Some People Mean old Islamaphobic Donald Trump is trying to get poor Ilhan Omar killed, by showing a video of her saying what George Bush did. In the real world, a racist Democrat said a dumb thing, and the President re-tweeted it because it was political gold, showing how out of touch the far left is with the average American, that they can't even admit 9/11 was Islamic Terrorism, and was a bad thing that shouldn't be politicized by the left or a Muslim, to pretend they care more than everyone else.
Baltimore Democrats are outraged at the racism of Trump criticizing Baltimore, especially with terms like rats or infestations. They are also outraged at Trump for denying people from crime ridden places like Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras automatic asylum because of their crime and murder. Democrats and their media widely criticized Baltimore for years prior to Trump, especially over the rat infestation: it's only racist when Trump says it. Baltimore has worse murder and crime rates than Mexico, Guatemala or Honduras. If Democrats have sympathy for people from those shithole countries, then why not Baltimore?
Assange Irony Chelsea Manning steals government secrets that undermine American Interests, Military Interests, and get people killed -- so is the pardoned (commuted) hero of the left. Julian Assange just published it: so must be ruined and imprisoned for life. Why? Manning is a transexual, while Assange published truths (leaks) that made the Democrats/Hillary look bad. Anyone who tells the truth about Democrats must be destroyed.
Body count Democrats care a lot about people whose lives are destroyed by mass shooters: it spiked to 68 people in 2018 (though it averages less). They are apoplectic about 5 that died in the 2020 Capitol Protest Riots, or that a handful per year that die at the hands of cops, or 100K (more than normal bad Flu year) dying to COVID. Hundreds dying or having their businesses wrecked by Democrat Protests (BLM/Antifa), so what? Democrats couldn't care less 2,000+ a year are murdered by illegal aliens, or more that they let out of prisons because of COVID or because of gun control. Those dying in isolation, being abused to death or committing suicides because of COVID lockdowns or 600,000 a year to abortion (11,500 late term / past viability), no problem at all. ≈1M dead/year due to Socialism (1900's avg/year) more excuses. Democrats crocadile tears aren't about the sanctity of life, they're about the sanctity of the political agenda.
DACA v Reparations DACA kids shouldn't have to pay for their parents crimes. White people are responsible for 17th century slave owners.
Dems on voters Dems: Voters should decide - Abolish the electoral college. Dems: Voters shouldn't decide - Keep Super-Delegates.
Gaslighting Gaslighting is evil. Not only is it a double standard, but it's trying to convince the other side that they're mentally unstable for even thinking it. Republicans did it first under Newt Gingrich, or Donald Trump. Trump isn't gaslighting, he's bloviating -- and the Clinton's are infamous for this technique. But it goes back way further, in politics and history. But the left is blind to their use of the technique far more often than the other side would try. See Alternate History or Alternate Reality for a few examples.
Gropegate Democrats care more about Women and Women's issues. That's why they hate Trump, Clearance Thomas, or Brett Kavanaugh for demeaning Women. Democrats have 100x as many on their side that did far, far worse. Most of them they defend for decades, from Bill Clinton raping women, to the casting couch, to giving awards to Roman Polanski or the appropriately named Woody Allen.
Hillary v Donald on Secrets Hillary Clinton "accidentally" divulges a critical secret during a speech: media yawns. Accidents happen, nothing to see here. Donald Trump mentions that we were talking to Russians about how terrorists were trying to create laptop-bombs to target airplanes (something that Newspapers had already published) and the left and their media claims that was a big secret and how he's unfit for office.
Illegal alien health insurance Democrats: Penalize citizens if they don't buy health insurance. Also: Give illegals free health insurance (and stick citizens with the bill).
Inciting Violence You need to fear the radical right wing, as they like to incite violence against anyone who disagrees with them. In the real world, BLM, Antifa, Eco-terrorists, the Vietnam War counter-revolutionaries, every Communist revolution, the rise of left-wing fascism, many of the mass murders, the left's rhetoric against Trump, and so on, are just a few examples of the left's calls for violence/revolution. Progressivism demands change, people are lazy, to get change they need to convince people it's a matter of life and death. Otherwise we'd have moderation or the status quo. So by nature, the left needs to promote extremism, or nothing changes.
Polemic Democrats Donald Trump is the worst Politician ever because he's rude, a hate monger who lies. Adam SchiffAlexandria Ocasio-CortezBarack ObamaBernie SandersChris MatthewsChuck SchumerCory BookerDan RatherDiane FeinsteinDonna BrazileElizabeth WarrenEric SwalwellHillary ClintonJim AcostaJohn KerryKamala HarrisMaxine WatersNancy PelosiStacey AbramsTed Kennedy


Liberal truths:

  1. What liberals like should be mandatory, what they don’t like should be banned.
  2. The past is always inferior to the present
  3. Intentions are much more important than results
  4. Feelings are more important than logic
  5. Your beliefs are justified by your status (as a liberal), not your deeds.
  6. Big corporations will abuse their size/status over individuals... but Government won't
  7. Tribal affiliation is more important than individual action