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American History : Civil War and SlaveryCorporate Personhood & Citizens UnitedDriving by watching the rear view mirrorDropping the BombFranklin Delano RooseveltIraq WarLies the Government told you
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Gun History : Molon Labe2nd Amendment was about the militia2nd Amendment was for musketsDGUDiscussion with a Gun-ControllerGood guys with gunsGun HistoryGun QuotesMagazine LimitsMass shootings stopped by armed civiliansMemes-Guns
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General Laws : 2019.01.22 NY Reproductive Health Act2019.02.07 Green New DealArizona SB-1070BackpageCorporate Personhood & Citizens UnitedEighteenth AmendmentEighth AmendmentExamples of Voter FraudFirst AmendmentFourth AmendmentGovernment and SocietyH-1BImmigrationJames MitoseLegalities of a fightLegality of Iraq warLiving DocumentMemes-LawsNuclear OptionRoe v. WadeSanctuary CitySeatbelt LawsSecond AmendmentSixth AmendmentSupreme CourtU.S. ConstitutionVoter SuppressionVoterID and Voter FraudWhen is there too much Government?
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Gun Laws : 2nd Amendment was about the militia2nd Amendment was for musketsCalifornia GunpocolypseConcealed carryDuncan v. BecerraGun Quotes : Militia MeaningGun control or gun ban?Hillary Clinton: 2nd AmendmentIllinois SB0173Just Ban Assault RiflesMagazine LimitsMicrostampingNo Fly Lists for gun ownersPeruta v. San DiegoReasonable Gun LawsRifle, Pistol or SBRShotspotterSmart guns are a dumb ideaUnreasonable outcomes
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I updated the Memes section. Life is short, why not mock it?
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Here's a list of some of the Fake Victims: Trayvon Martin and George ZimmermanAlton SterlingMicah Xavier JohnsonAlfred Olango ShootingBreonna TaylorEric GarnerHenry Louis GatesJacob BlakeKeith Lamont ScottMichael BrownOJ SimpsonPhilando CastileRodney KingSandra BlandValerie Plame People Fakes
Anti-2A People : @Jennifer4130Arthur AcevedoBonnie SchaeferCarolyn McCarthyDavid HoggDiana DeGetteEric SwalwellEverytown for Gun SafetyGersh KuntzmanGun ControllersJennifer BarringerJesse JacksonJoe BidenJoe SalazarKaty TurKevin De LeonKirsten GillibrandLawrence O'DonnelLeland YeeLouise SlaughterMichael Bloomberg (D) NYC Mayor, BillionaireNational March on NRAPatricia Eddington (D) NY AssemblywomanSandy Sheedy (D) California councilwomanShannon WattsSheila Jackson LeeStephanie RuhleTerry McAuliffeWhoopi Goldberg
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Terms We can't communicate effectively if we don't agree on what words or terms mean. Cultural Marxists decided that since they uusally can't win through honesty, logic, history and facts, they could win by twisting/perverting meanings (especially in popular culture and colleges), to distort every discussion into a debate on pedantics, or use truthspeak as a litmus test for who is properly indoctrinated/compliant. This section isn't intended as a comprehensive dictionary, but just to stop that gaslighting, by defining what I (and often history/society means or should mean) when using a term. Not what the far left is trying to re-invent terms into.