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None of this is to diminish that there still is real hate in America. But it is rare, and often directed at the right, while here's a few dozen (hundreds) of examples of Faked hate for political gain. Fake Hate still feels like hate. The reason FakeHate happens is partly to incite violence and convince others on the left that anything they do back, is justified, because "they did it first" (even when they didn't). In order to instigate change ("progress") you have to convince people that things are so bad, that they need violence, revolution or change, so the left has always been more willing to go there. And the media has been willing to suppress the side of stories they don't like. The WSJ published a study that fully 66% (2/3rds) of "Hate Crimes" turn out to be faked, and only 1/3rd are real. That surge in hate crimes after Trump's election was more by the left than the right. If anything in here is News to you, then the News hasn't been doing its job.

Why it happens

We know that there are many FakeHate reports... possibly more than real ones. The question is why? The answers are pretty easy:

  1. If you tell people something long enough, they'll believe it. The left believes that hate exists everywhere and America is a bad country. So when they look for it, and can't find it IRL (and they just know it is true), they just make it up to draw attention to the very real problem that they know exists. People don't give up their fantasies just because reality is in the way.
  2. In that way we are victims of our success, as we made real racism/bigotry harder and harder to find, the left had to lower the standards to include micro-aggressions or presumed guilt (White/Male Guilt, etc) or invent cultural appropriation (appreciating and adopting other cultures clothes, food, dance as some moral wrong), so they could still find the injustices that they craved. Then the next logical step is to show that it's still real... by creating it.
  3. You get what you incentivize -- and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood. So you're naturally going to get people fighting to be on the victims, so that they can achieve the rewards: fame, sympathy, attention and often money. There are hundreds of examples of this on the left (and a handful on the right), but the left will desperately try to draw your attention somewhere else when you point that out.

Is it any wonder that the young and gullible line up to be victims? And if they can't find abusers, they'll imagine them in things that aren't abuse or just make them up, so they can reap the rewards from being victims of the imaginary enemies that the Democrats have scared them about?

🗒️ NOTE:
While I'm 100% sure there are asshats on both sides of the aisle, if we let one side get away with rewriting atrocities (or reward it) more, we will get more of it. The mainstream media is so strongly in one camp, that they're jumping to conclusions about the right, ignoring evidence or downplaying acts by the left, thus they raise the rewards for leftist violence by increasing the odds that: (a) they won't be blamed (b) if they are, it won't get as much airtime/consequences in the media (c) that the lefts false-flag efforts stand a higher chance of success.

What changed?

One thing is clear, the number and degree of hateful acts that are reported (both real and faked) spiked up starting when our black agitator and community-organizer-in-chief (Obama) took power, and he and the media were rewarding victimhood with fame, adoration and money. Community Organizers get money/power by creating (or magnifying) problems, and polarizing (organizing) the community around them. If the problems aren't big enough, they create them. According to Gallup (and others), for the prior few decades, 60-70% of Whites and Blacks respectively thought race relations were pretty good and improving. Then in 2012-2013 it crashed to below half of blacks, where it has stayed ever since. Why? The Fake Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman story first, then the Michael Brown hoax and creation of BLM, and the Victim Industrial Complex was spawned and magnified by the left (with our President always on the wrong side of the issue: instead of calming people down, was agitating instead). When it looked like many didn't want 4-more years of Obama in a pantsuit and whiteface (as they perceived Hillary), the left/media doubled down once Trump was elected. And if there wasn't evidence of their beliefs, they had to start making it up, and their rubes/reader/viewers believed it. [1]

But is it real (that there's a resurgence in white oppression, etc)? We aren't completely sure, but it seems not. Reason did a good article[2] using FBI and Bureau of Justice Study which shows that while there was far more reports of hate crimes, the truth is that's because we added more agencies to our tracking and gave them more exposure. The percent of agencies added was well ahead of the number of crimes that were added -- and most of all the total number of victims is flat or declining. What is growing astronomically is the number of fake claims that are later debunked. When the number of fake hate crimes is climbing, and the number of real victims is falling, then the problem might not be the hate, but those craving it to exist and seeing it everywhere.

The author of the book Outrage, Inc. [3] discussed in a Townhall article.[4], that once Trump was elected, the NYT started doing a weekly series called "This week in Hate"[5] to show the problem... but they had to stop it 6 months later when it did show the actual problems:

  1. Most of the violence/bigotry happened in deep blue cities and states - not the areas Trump/Republicans carried. Like "This is MAGA country" in the gayest part of Chicago? If Trump is the problem, why are most of the problems in the most liberal areas of the most liberal states?
  2. Most of events were getting debunked within a week or three of reporting them. NYT was painted into a corner: If they didn't report the corrections, they would rightly be called FakeNews for misinforming their readers (as was happening). But if they did, the corrections column was bigger than the new hate part of the column. "This Week in Corrections", with more FakeHate than real hate just doesn't show that Trump is the problem they wanted him to be.
  3. They were also getting heat because they were ignoring a far common problem: much of the RealHate was getting directed at conservatives/Trump supporters, like prevalent violence because someone wore the other parties hat or shirt, or just went to a rally.

Since the NYT didn't want to become a news source that spent its time debunking the left's false hate claims and disinformation, and proving that the right had more valid complaints than the left did, they had to drop the series. Which they did. But the proof is in the examples below. Both real hate crimes against conservatives that you didn't know about, or all the fake hate crimes that leftists tried to pin on the right (and that the media didn't inform you on), tell a story. And if anything in there is a surprise to you, then the media hasn't been doing its job, unless you think it's job is to misinform for leftist causes.

Real Hate

This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about. This isn't just inciting violence, but committing it in order to encourage more of it (or to stifle the opposition). The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality. more...

Fake Hate

Here's a list of violence or bad acts that were perpetuated by the left, and the media blamed on the right. As usual, most were front page stories, and back page retractions (if any corrections/retractions were made at all): FakeHate : 56 items

Vaccine Hesitancy - Vaccine hesitancy is a problem caused by the media.

Donald Trump - A list of articles on Trump, his scandals (real and imagined). My goal isn't to cheerlead or slam, but I am anti-establishment and have the most interest in the parts of the story that the media/left has omitted, and giggle at cry-bullies getting their comeuppance. That's probably too much nuance for many, as anything but rabid attacks make many think I'm a Trump lover. While I wish he was a better behaved champion and didn't get in the mud with the pigs, but if he didn't, he'd be Mitt Romney and he'd likely lose. So they despise him for doing what they do back to them. I don't like either of them, but I like the one fighting for individuals more than the ones fighting to oppress them.

New Yorker attacks AG Barr -
The Democrats (and their medias) attack on Barr demonstrates (a) revenge for exposing the Russian Hoax (b) fear that his is about to expose Obama and the deep state operatives in the Press and on the left. So they are in panic mode and attacking the source, because they have nothing else. It's anti-American, anti-Justice and chickenshit -- but if you're scared of the truth getting out, then the only thing you have left is to attack the person telling the truth. And nothing scares the left like an Attorney General willing to do his job and speak truth to power.

Fake Race Crimes - The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.

Cassandra complex -
I seriously have a Cassandra complex (cursed with being right, and not being listened to). I felt like that a ton as a kid. Since as young as I can remember, it would hurt me that I could see things that were happening (or going to happen), that adults would ignore me on, and people would get hurt, because they couldn't listen to a kid.

Even my early work career had a bunch of it. I was the guy that would predict what would happen, try to sell people, they'd ignore me, after the 5th or 6th time I'd just change jobs. (No fun to watch train wrecks in slo-motion, over and over again). I'd have bosses call me up years later and tell me, "yeah, remember those things you said would happen: you were dead right on all of them". It used to bother me a ton. "Well, why couldn't you have listened to me then?" (It was often about product failures, or how a product/team would burn out, etc). So it hurt seeing people getting hurt.

One said, "if you know so much about Apple, why don't you write for MacWEEK". So I did. He called me up after I had my column and said my insights were much more insightful now that I didn't work there, and he was reading it in print. [sigh]

It hasn't really stopped, I've just gotten more accepting of it. It used to profoundly bug me and make me shut off from humanity. (Caring hurt). And I'd respond to people that wouldn't listen with arrogance. Now it's more apathetic perspective. I just explain what I think will happen, but if it's their ass on the line, it's their decision and not my problem. (And I can let it go). I'll try to persuade them, but it's their choice, and I'm cool with that. And if it comes to pass as I predicted (which is often), there's no reason to gloat, or rage at the machine. They made the best decision they were capable of at the time. No reason to beat them, or beat myself up for it.

2020.06.25 Isaih Martin - Isaih Martin (BLM activist) claimed in a viral tweet that racist messages were left on his car. Video shows he placed them there himself. He is now refusing to cooperate w/police, Texas A&M and the cops are not pressing charges or punishing the bad behavior. When the demand for racism exceeds the supply, left wing activists will fill in the gaps themselves. Which proves their imagination of the problem exceeds the reality of it, or they wouldn't have to fake it.

2020.06.21 Bubba Wallace and the Noose - Wallace's team got hysterical and assumed racism because there was a "noose" in his Garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, and he's black, so racism... it must be a bigot/hate crime. CNN especially, but other FakeNews outlets did double time on sensationalizing this... only the noose was there for months, and it was just a garage door pull, and was obviously not targeting him, since they had no idea who would have that garage. Then he went on to CNN and elsewhere to claim, "it was a noose" and double-down on dumb.

2020.05.11 Rashawn Smith -
The Georgia (GBI) arrested and charged Rashawn Smith (20) for making terrorist threats. This guy (black) was behind a hoax Facebook account pretending to be a racist white Trump supporter who promised to kill pro-Ahmaud Abery protesters in a mass shooting.

2020.03.04 Racist Graffiti in Mississippi - A black man (Trumaine Foster) in a Mississippi suburb of Memphis had his vehicles spray-painted with racist slurs ("Leave nigger" and "Trump"). Foster has since been arrested for the hoax, insurance fraud, and tampering with evidence. (He has a body/paint shop, and likely did it for the money/publicity).

2020.02.26 Racist Graffiti in Philly - Earlier this month, racist slurs like the n-word were sprayed on a mural honoring black civil rights activist Cecil B. Moore.... and the cops released the video/pictures a couple weeks after the drama over the racism, and it was a black guy that did it.

2019.11.24 Jennifer Agostini racist attack - There were allegations that Jennifer Agostini and swimsuit model Prendinellys Garcia were allegedly attacked by a group of about 10–15 black women for being white, with racial comments during the beatdown including: “white motherfuckers” and “dirty white bitches”. The Manhattan bar (Sky Room) where the fight broke out, released footage of the attack in question earlier this week, and took to mocking the Women as not being real professionals, and for making what they claimed were fake allegations.

2019.09.20 Forced Hair Cutting - A 6th Grade Virginia Private school girl (who was black) accused three white classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair... and that made national news. The FakeNews used it repeat their fabrications about national race problems or worse, coupled it to Jeff Pence (VP) and his wife. Racism is everywhere! Now the accuser admits the allegations were false. The problem isn't just with the people who cry wolf, it's with the media that sensationalizes these FakeNews stories for clicks (chasing the algorithm before fact checking).Some are more responsible with corrections than others, but corrections wouldn't be necessary if we had responsible journalism waiting to get the facts, instead of sensationalizing every accusation with national front page headlines, and back page retraction.

2019.07.19 Erica Thomas (D) -
Publix Corporate Headquarters Main Entrance Sign, Lakeland Florida.jpg
To play off of anti-Trumpism, Georgia Democrat and State Rep (Erica Thomas) claimed in a sobbing twitter post, that at a Publix Grocery store, a “white man” called her a “lazy son of a bitch” and told her to “go back to where she came from" and that “People are getting really out of control with this white privilege stuff.” Then to her surprise, Eric Sparkes, the accused man who is an anti-Trump, far-left, AOC supporting Cuban (not white), stepped forward and called bullshit. He explained that she had 20 items in the express lane limited for 10 (and there were two other lanes open). He complained to the store associates, but they told him to tell her... so he did so politely. When he did that, witnesses and store videos seen to corroborate that SHE got in his face and got confrontational and then SHE told HIM to "go back where he came from", repeatedly... and then he called her a "lazy bitch" for holding everyone else up and making a scene. But Eric never told Erica to "go back to where you came from" and she was lying/grandstanding. If racism is such a big problem in America, why does the left keep getting caught making up examples of it? FakeFactCheck outlet Snopes misleads their readers on what happened, by not fact checking the claim that Erica Thomas made, but by fact checking satire site Babylon Bee's post that claimed it happened at a Chick-fil-a, and then leaving out a ton of context that would make her look bad from their explanation. So they did correctly say that the Bee story was false, but only readers far more cautious than 99% of Democrats would notice that bait-and-switch, and any that read the omitted context snopes version of events wouldn't know about a bunch of evidence that makes Erica and the Democrats/media look bad.

2019.06.26 Hate Crime Hoaxes - The Wall Street Journal posted an article that explained Hate Crime Hoaxes are more common that one thinks (only about 33% of claims were real). I wasn't surprised as I documented dozens @FakeHate, and real hate crimes that are not tracked/recorded because they happened against conservatives @RealHate. There's also a well know site tracking them ( http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/ ). But the average person might not know of those. Facebook blocked the article (and theFakeHateCrimes site) as being against Facebooks community standards, which doesn't allow for truths that the left doesn't want to hear. It may or may not be caught as "a mistake", meaning their censorious algorithm trying to eliminate anti-PC thought, is a wee bit too aggressive. But that's like saying that a little oppression is OK.

2019.06.24 Noose found at U of M - ZOMG, ZOMG, a noose was found at University of Michigan employee’s desk at a university hospital. Big news on the investigation. A few weeks later, it turns out that there was no racist intent: an employee was practicing tying a “Uni Knot” (used for fishing) on a spool that was returned to storage with the knot still in place. Front page histrionics, back page retraction.

2019.05.26 Fake Gay Bashing - Man claims he was the victim of Anti-Gay Hate-crime on a Tribeca subway, when two guys threw anti-gay slurs (and fisticuffs) at him. According to witnesses, the drunk gay "victim" was the aggressor and spat on and assaulted the other two, who never issued gay slurs that anyone else heard.

2019.02.07 Darnell Byrd McPherson (Mayor) - The black mayor of a small South Carolina town had reported a hate crime of yellow sticky substance sprayed all over her car, and likened it to burning crosses, she was fearless and would not be deterred, and repeated the questionable trope of increase in hate crimes in the state. A month later, it came out that it was just pollen, and she (being Democrat) reflexively assumed the worst and sees evil where there is just her own incompetence.

2019.01.29 Jussie Smollett - 💩 Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).

2019.01.20 Covington Catholic High School - 💩The New York Times published an article “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native American Elder at Indigenous People’s March,” and many other outlets (CNN, WaPo, etc), piled on without verifying. OrangeMan is so bad, that just wearing his hat makes you a racist. Only, the details leaked out that it was the Catholic teens minding their own business (on a class trip) when the Native American demonstrator/activist (Nathan Phillips: not a Vietnam War Veteran as WaPo and other claimed) marched up, beat drums, push into center of student group, call teens names, and then accused the kids of surrounding him and saying racist things, all false.

2018.12.30 White Man shot black girl in Houston - Lady says white man pulled up next to them and shot her girl (Jazmine Barnes) for racial reasons. Race-baiter Shaun King played up the race crime and inflamed his mob tweeting white suspects picture (Robert Cantrell), to find this "racist asshole". After two black men were arrested for the murder, Shaun didn't apologize and argued, "We live in a time where... something like that [racist murder] was possible." We do, but black on white race crimes are like 5x more common than the other way around.

2018.11.30 Fynn Ajani Arthur - Baltimore County police arrested and charged Fynn Ajani Arthur with two counts of malicious destruction of property in putting up racist graffiti incidents at Goucher College, and included himself in the list of threatened students.

2018.11.28 Drake student faked racist letters - Drake University Indian student (Kissie Ram) accused of writing fake racially charged letters that were slipped under dormitory room doors (including her own).

2018.11.26 Black man painted Swastikas - Churches and other buildings tagged with NeoNazi symbols in Antioch, California, was a hoax by Lawrence Phipps (24)

2018.11.24 Nooses in Mississippi capital were Democrats - There was an uproar (AP and twitter) about a warning from white supremacist leaving 7 nooses... 12 hours later it came out that signs with the nooses, admitted Democrats were warning against electing Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith (jn a run-off election).

2018.11.14 Heil Hitler and Nazi Salute during Fiddler on the Roof - Baltimore, Maryland play was disrupted by a drunk democrat anti-Trump activist. Before that last bit of info was released, there was a lot of hand-waving about "Trump".

2018.11.14 Black student graffiti'd N-word, Swastika on his own dorm - Fynn Arthur, lacrosse player at Goucher College, did it (and sent death threats) because "he had pent up anger". He may have also done it in another event back in March 2017.

2018.11.10 Kansas State Student posted racist note to self - The student's name was withheld, but confessed to the hoax.

2018.07.06 MAVNI Military Recruits - 💩 The AP ran a grotesquely distorted story and headline, "US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits" and it was a poorly written article about how 40-500 immigrant enlisted had been let go, but it leaves all sort of implications that the Trump administration is persecuting minorities in the military. And of course the left was outraged and triggered (as always) and it was re-printed, re-linked, or a couple dozen OpEds came out, each more extreme than that last, about how this racist persecution of immigrants was hunting down good troops and throwing them out because Trump is a Nazi. Of course the truth is quite different, Trump reversed the Obama era program, and virtually none has retracted or corrected the Big Lie.

2018.05.24 Texas Trooper accused of rape - Sherita Dixon-Cole (Black) accused State Trooper Daniel Hubbard (White) of raping her during a traffic stop. Shaun King kicked fanned the flames of racial animus, but the officers body cams showed that no rape had happened. Harvard's Fair Punishment Project gave King a staff position for spreading the lie, and writing a piece that didn't really apologized, but blamed the racist nation (or Sherita) for the plausibility of it happening, and thus his mistake was not really his fault.

2018.05.01 Nicolette Nottage - An architecture student (Nicolette Nottage) at the University of Arkansas (UA), told police she was receiving threatening Facebook messages like “leave this school or i will come to your apartment at varsity house and kill you with my own gun.” She claimed they came from her former friend and fellow student, Emily Hunt, so the police arrested Hunt -- only later to find out that it was Nicolette that setup the fake account and was sending the hate messages/posts to herself to frame Hunt.

2018.04.13 NAACP President a liar - 💩NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie posted to Facebook about how he was just racially profiled on a traffic stop. Not only is that argument stupid (you often can't tell the race of someone in a car at night before you pull them over), but it turned out to be false. The fact that the NAACP doesn't fire him, shows that they like having race baiters represent them, or at least honesty/credibility on race, is not a prerequisite for working there or representing them

2017.11.06 Racist Car Graffiti - Owner Dauntarius Williams of graffiti-covered car, found near Kansas State, apologizes and he admits he put the racist message on himself.

2017.08.10 Nikki Joly (Gay Activist) - A fire destroyed a two-story home, injured a firefighter, and killed Nikki's 2 German Shepards and 3 cats. Joly used that "hate crime" and transgender status to help drive his creation of the Jackson Pride Center (which he became director of it)... and the community raised $40,000 to help the couple with the loss of the house... and Nikki won Citizen of the Year (2018). Now it comes out that the fire was lit by Nikki the pet killer. A fake hate crime likely done to gain the status, money and attention that victimhood brings.

2017.03 Over 2,000 Bomb Threats - In the first few months of 2017, many Jewish centers in the U.S. (UK, Oz, NZ, and Norway) were receiving Bomb threats and far left organizations like the ADL and various media outlets said it was like the work of "right wing Christians in the United States", or on CNN Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) said, "Donald Trump Supporters". Remember, each event was counted as an individual hate crime according to the Fear-Industrial-Complex. Finally, in March a 19-year-old Jewish Israeli-American named Michael Ron David Kadar was arrested. He had been perpetrating many of them because he was rejected from the Israeli Defense Forces over mental health issues and a brain tumor. And Juan M. Thompson (a former journalist for The Intercept) was also arrested for many more: he was trying frame a woman he'd dated.

2016.12.21 Kicked off Delta for speaking Arabic - Adam Saleh (known hoaxer) claimed he got kicked out of a Delta flight because he spoke Arabic to his mom. Media outlets ran with Saleh’s story without checking the source. They were really kicked off for yelling back and forth after being asked to be quiet, and not following directions, and then they started filming claiming they were victims.

2016.12.12 Denton Texas man sets his own cars on fire - David Williams set his own cars and motorcycle on fire and painted 'nigger lovers' across their garage door, and setup a go fund me page (where he got more than $5,000 donations). Later revealed that he dd it, went to a mental facility (aka a DNC convention) and promised to return all the money raised.

2016.12.05 Build the wall - The SPLC hate map and the increase in the number of hate crimes after Tump? Whenever someone said, "build the wall", it was counted as a "hate" incident in their report. 467 times. A simple disagreement on immigration policy is the same as "hate".

2016.12.03 Whites assault Muslim in NYC - Poor 18yo Baruch College Student Yasmin Seweid, 3 white Trump supporters screamed "terrorist go home!" and tore her Hijab off, while onlookers ignored it... according to all the news outlets. Then it comes out she made the whole thing up, and virtually none corrected or retracted the story, or reported the story of the hundreds of FakeHate crimes that happened.

2016.11.15 Woman accuses Trump supporter of scratching her face - Halley Bass (University of Michigan Student) later confessed that she'd done it to herself, and the story of a man attacked her, slashing her face with with a safety pin, was made up.

2016.11.14 Fake Homophobic note at Chicago's North Park University - Taylor Volk, a bisexual senior, claimed she was the recipient of a homophobic note and anonymous hate emails by Trump supporters. After NBC had sensationalized it, it came out that Taylor had faked it herself.

2016.11.13 Indiana Church Grafitti - David's Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom (40 miles out of Indianapolis) had "Fag Church", "Swastika" and "Heil Trump" spray painted on it (the church recognizes Gay Marriage). It later came out that George "Nathan" Stang is a gay man that did it to get attention in a False Flag effort. CNN and USAToday sensationalized the story, and USAToday tried to correct the record.

2016.11.11 Oberlin v Gibson Bakery - Three underage black Oberlin students were shoplifting wine at Gibson’s bakery, and got caught. So they assaulted, beat down, and kicked the owner. An arrest followed, and the three were able to plead guilty to misdemeanors and get probation without any fines and a short probationary period. Black racist activist students, encouraged by activist faculty, claimed since it was a white shop owner and African-American students that it must have been racial profiling (ignore the crimes). Protests ensued with the aggitation of Oberlin College administrators and professors during the week of Trumps election. The FakeNews outlets used this as evidence of racism running rampant since Trump's election. The Bakery was furious at the damage done to their reputation and sued for economic and reputation loss from the protests, then graciously offered to withdraw it if the University just apologized and issuing a letter to students reiterating Gibsons weren't racists. The University refused and lost $11M in damages. Then the college wrote an offensive letter attacking the jury for the verdict, and cried poor despite $1B endowment, and lost an additional $22M in punitive damages (and legal fees on top). The cops confirmed that of the 40 shoplifting cases at the store (reported to law enforcement), only 6 were black patrons (not racial profiling).

2016.11.11 Louisiana Muslim claimed robbed by whites - A Muslim woman faces criminal charges in Louisiana over a fake story about how she was attacked by MAGA hat wearing white men, who yelled racial slurs and stole both her wallet and her hijab. The FakeNews widely reported this, and rarely corrected the record.

2016.11.01 Greenville, Mississippi black church fire - Right before the election, a Greenville, Mississippi church (Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church) was set on fire and spray painted with the words “Vote Trump”, by Andrew McClinton. Of course all the leftist FakeNews outlets (Atlantic, NYT, CNN, SPLC) ran sensational headlines about how bad Trump and his white supremacist supporters were to foster such hate. Only it came out later that it was done by one of the churches black congregants, who hated Trump and it was a false flag effort. Many quietly updated their story, or ran a retraction a month after the damage had been done. SPLC left it on their hate map to mislead the public about how bad the problem is.

2016.09 Repeated racist vandalism at Eastern Michigan University - Starting in Sept 2016 Eddie Curlin, an African-American former student, had multiple incidents of spray painting "KKK" or "Leave Niggers" on various buildings and bathrooms. While many outlets connected the imaginary racism to Trump at the time, at least a few (like WaPo) did correct the record when he was caught and convicted a year later... after the perception damage was already cemented in. And Curlin got 2-5 years for other crimes (receiving stolen goods).

2016.08.09 Lesbian Central Michigan University Professor beats herself up - While attending a Toby Keith concert Mari Poindexter claims a man called her a “cross-dressing fag", then ambushed her in the parking lot. CMU and the media rallied around her. Later it was exposed she punched herself in the eye, and made up the story to "raise awareness".

2016.07.06 Racist text messages to middle schooler was fake - A 6th grader at Ottoson Middle School (Arlington, Massachusetts) had the community in a fervor over racist texts. Nevermind, once Police looked into it, they had falsified the story.

2016.04.30 Uof Iowa Student makes up hate crime - Black kid (Marcus Owens) picks a fight, loses it, claims he was jumped by 3 white guys screaming racial slurs. The student body and activists are outraged: yawn. Video shows that he went to a bar, started multiple fights, and made up the hate crime to cover for his injuries. He later apologizes, activists don't. Police file no charges.

2016.04.14 Gay Pastor sues Whole Foods over gay slur cake - Openly gay Texas pastor (Jordan Brown) claimed a cake he bought said, "Fag". The media ran with it. Whole Foods released security video that showed it didn't when it left the store, and counter-sued. Brown apologized. The media didn't.

2016.04.10 Salisbury Hate Hoax - Two black students drew a stick figure hanging from a noose featuring the word “Nigger!", then tweeted it with the hashtag #WhitePower. It caused a campus uproar... and then it was exposed who did it. Poof. Gone. No charges filed.

2016.02.04 University of Albany Race Hoax - Two black female college students (Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell), and a Latina (Alexis Briggs) were BLM supporters, claimed to be victims of an assault by a group of whites. They made it up after assaulting a white woman first. The girls were convicted, fined, suspended, made to do community service, and put on probation. Hillary had tweeted about it, CNN covered it, never issued apology.

2015.11.26 Trump and Disabled Reporter - 💩 WaPo "fact checked" Trump on a claim about arabs in NJ celebrating after 9/11, and claimed it was false. (That was FakeNews too). The reporter that did the fact check had written an article detailing the celebrations back in 2001. Trump mocked WaPo stammering trying to walk back their lie and used a common gesture of his: flailing arms that he'd used many times before to animate being flustered. Instead of apologizing and correcting their error, WaPo, CNN and other FakeNews outlets still-shotted the video of his hand position (with his wrist bent) and claimed he was mocking the reporters disability. The reporter did have a bent wrist, but not a flailing problem. They claimed because Trump might have met the guy, 30 years earlier in one of hundreds of interviews he'd done with the financial Press, that he knowingly mocked him. They ran that as their story for weeks, instead of the retraction/correction that they owed Trump, and they omitted all the key context, so their gullible readers/viewers still believe to this day the FakeNews version, and none seem to remember what actually happened and why.

2015.11 Death and bomb threats to black students and professors at Kean - In Nov 2015 Kean graduate and race activist Kayla-Simone McKelvey tweeted death threats to many black students and staff, in order create enthusiasm for a campus rally on racial issues that she was organizing. She got 90 days + 5 years probation and $82,000 in restitution (security costs), instead.

2014.11.19 UVA Rape on Campus.png
2014.11.19 UVA Rape on Campus -
2014.11.19 UVA Rape on Campus.png
💩 Rolling Stone magazine published "A Rape on Campus" that describes a purported gang rape of Jackie Coakley by 7 frat brothers (Phi Kappa Psi) at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville, Virginia, as part of an initiation rite. This fed a false "Campus Rape" lynch-mob that suspended the fraternity, vandalized their FratHouse, started marches against them (and all men, especially fraternities), and impugned the character of many innocents: who sued and won. A few piled on (HuffPo), but a few other outlets were mixed or skeptical, and later broke stories putting her version of events in doubt. Rolling Stone apologized (5 months later) and retracted the story in its entirety on April 5, 2015, long after the harm had been done. They were sued, and settled.

2012.07.19 Masterpiece Cakeshop - Jack Phillips was approached by a gay couple that asked him to bake them a wedding cake. He politely explained that Colorado didn't recognize gay marriage (yet), and due to his religion, he wouldn't use his tradecraft to do custom work for an issue that violated his personal beliefs (he said he wouldn't bake a cake that would slur the LGBT community either), but he'd happily serve them and they could buy anything else in the store (he'd even make them birthday cakes or for any other occasion). The gay activists, which had easy access to dozens of other stores flipped him off, yelled, "Fuck You and your homophobic cake shop", and put the information on social media and sicked the Gay-Mafia (nasty activists) on Jack and the shop, who harassed him and polarized the issue (Real Hate). The media misrepresented the story (FakeNews). The accusations against Jack were disproven (Fake Hate). The Colorado Civil rights commission violated Jack's civil rights by siding with the LGBT-Fascists, and was later slapped down by the Supreme Court. So the gay-activists sued/attacked/harassed Jack again... and lost again (Real Hate). They don't seem to care that Christians have civil rights too.

2006 Duke Lacrosse case - 💩Three men at Duke University (on the lacrosse team) were falsely accused of rape, while the media led Lynch-mob called for their heads (and claimed it was part of a systemic campus rape problem), the school suspended them and cancelled the season. It later turned out that the stripper/escort (Crystal Gail Mangum) had made the whole thing up.

Nothing new

Before anyone claims this is new, or only happening because OrangeMan=Bad!, this is the same techniques/claims the Democrats did to the Tea Party, or they did to Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, and now Donal Trump. When you can't argue the facts, call them racists! So same technique, just the election is different... and volume is ratcheted up as the medias quality control and presence of fairness has dropped down. Others might claim, "but this happened in 2009 (to Obama) as well". Sorta but not really. Republicans aren't saints. Conservatives aren't as much angry college kids, agitators, or layabouts, so they don't seem to have time for this crap. While there certainly were a few small isolated incidents in the past, according to the discredited SPLC (an organization that exists to scare gullible old white liberals into thinking Hitler youth is about to take over the country).[6] We have many more examples of violence against conservatives, and hundreds of front page claims of swastika's and the like, and back page retractions when the violence turns out to be false-flag efforts, or the assaults turn out to be lies, done by far left activists seeking pity or fame for their virtue signaling acts of violence.


This is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • AttacksOnTrumpSupporters.com has 201 Fake Hate events, and 320 attacks on Trump supporters.
  • FakeHateMap.com has over 600 events of Fake hate.
  • FakeHateCrimes.org goes down a lot (here is an archive), but it has a few hundred as well.
  • That's not counting all the Real Hate against Trump supporters that the media is downplaying, or the hundreds of lies the media has told... and may or may not have corrected later. (Some hate is anger/retaliation at the lies. If you scream racist at someone long enough, they might hit back). So I'm just highlighting a small percentage of the bigger problem.

If any of these stories are news to you (either Real Hate against the right, or Fake Hate perpetuated by the left), it shows what a failure the media in telling you the whole story. I'll let the reader decide whether that is incompetence (accident) or malice (intent).

Rationalizing bad things, and trying to pin your crimes on the other side is as old as politics, and certainly the Republicans/conservatives have done it as well. But by nature of youth, Unions, low-education, disenfranchised and the media all favoring the left, from making excuses for the Indian Genocides, for racial lynching and the KKK, or interning the Japanese/Germans/Italians during WWII, 60's and 70's radicals, Antifa, BLM, the Unabomber, or democrats paying thugs to beat up Trump supporters at Trump rally's, and so on, the left has always been more willing to go there.

The left will try to deny this matters, because virtue signaling is more important to them than the truth or stopping the rash of fake victims making shit up for attention. However, the point isn’t “democrats are worse than republicans”, if you know history, you know that’s true: mostly because dems appealed more to youth, disenfranchised and labor/left, which all have more histories of violence. But that's irrelevant to the bigger point which is that we either keep agitating and escalating, and foment anger on both sides, or we work to hold people accountable for it in order to create consequences for doing it, and tamp it down. (Raise the costs, and reduce the rewards). Because if you work hard enough to create a double-standard, we might foment a violent insurrection and make us permanently divides us until we destroy ourselves like happened to many other countries.


📚 References

Real Hate

This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about. This isn't just inciting violence, but committing it in order to encourage more of it (or to stifle the opposition). The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality.