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Another day, another Googlewhack. Technically, A Googlewhack was a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of exactly two words that returns only one result. (Finding uniqueness). More and more the term is applicable to finding conservatives in their organization... and then firing them for their uniqueness. Conservative/Republican seem to be getting purged from Google's employment roles for disagreeing with the corporate consensus. Of course the gross majority of conservatives never get fired... as long as they know their place and to never openly admit their views. So while far lefties and extremists can voice their views openly, conservatives are subjugated to social apartheid. As long as they're quiet and oppressed about their beliefs, they will be fine. They might not get promoted due to Google's promotion by herd voting policies, but that's another issue. The point is that if a conservative voices views, they can (and will) be taken out by the flock of angry hate-chickens. The body count is adding up. There's: Greg Coppola, James Damore, Kay Coles James, Kevin Cernekee, Mike Wacker, just to name a few that we know of and not counting likely hundreds of persecuted individuals that we don't know about. If you can't see that pattern, then I hear Google is hiring self-deluded, intolerant lefties.

Googlewhacked : 5 items

Greg Coppola - Greg Coppola was interviewered by James O’Keefe in a Project Veritas video admitting that he believes that Google News and Google’s search engine algorithms were biased (and thus the testimony to congress by Sundar) was untrue. Algorithms are written to the bias of the authors and based on Greg's domain knowledge with a Ph.D. and 5 years at Google, that he doesn't believe it's been scrubbed from bias. Which is a duh! 5 minutes searching can demonstrate political bias. And his point is that he doesn't think we should tolerate Big Tech taking political positions.

James Damore -
This is the story of Media Lies, Google Hypocrisy, and what happens when someone (James Damore) decides to tell the truth in Progressive America. James committed the thought crime of saying, on an internal forum that inviting people to challenge views, that the forum and Google had become an “ideological echo chamber"... and pointed out that admitting that some of the differences in career outcomes between men and women might be based on the mountain of evidence that men/women have different thought processes, hierarchy of wants/needs and career goal. Google proved they weren't an intolerant echo chamber, by firing him. Ironically, Google lawyers had use Damore's same arguments (about differences in outcomes), in court -- to defend against sexual discrimination lawsuits. So Google encourages people to speak their minds... then fires them if they don't say what they want, They're all about free speech, just not THAT! In the end, Google proved they're not only an echo chamber, but one with blindfolds, guns and itchy trigger fingers.

Kay Coles James - President of the Heritage Foundation (a black female exec for the interjectionally interested), was appointed to an AI ethics panel for Google (Advanced Technology External Advisory Council: ATEAC). However, once her personal views on gender (that 2 of them exist, and it's not just a personal preference), an outrage mob created a, "Googlers Against Transphobia and Hate" petition and got 2,556 (of the 103,459) Googlers to sign that intellectual diversity was not welcomed on that panel, and she was thrown off (fired) in the name of tolerance.

Kevin Cernekee - Fired by Google, a Republican Engineer Hits Back: ‘There’s Been a Lot of Bullying’. He documents the hate and bullying that the management tolerates against him because he's conservative/Republican, like managers saying, “Can’t we just fire the poisonous assholes already?” about any conservatives. When Kevin pointed out that harassment, instead of trying to calm things down, they solved it by firing him. In his words, "they treat the two sides very differently"... and that's just not right. Google's side is that he was fired because he had too many internal documents on a personal device.

Mike Wacker - Mike started the @Republicans group in Google to try to give the company some diversity and conservatism a voice. So he was driven out and fired. He documents the fraud excuses for why he was fired in an article at Medium that includes the show trial they had to drive him out: he was fired for being rude (with no objective standards of what that meant, and of course it meant that snowflakes asked him questions then got offended at his answers and complained). His conclusion on being forced out was that while, "Google CEO Sundar Pichai has insisted time and time again that Google is a nonpartisan company, but more and more those words seem like empty words: all talk, no action. Both internally and externally, a narrative has begun to emerge that liberal political activists are calling the shots at Google."

🗒️ NOTE:
For real Googlewhack's, I found 3, back in the day (2005).
  • Tajikistan chlamydia
  • astronaut Ganelogeman
  • frotteur superball

But in 2018 or 2019 Google fixed (e.g. Fucked up) their searching, so things no longer worked as well as they used to. The "+" for require, "-" for exclude, and quotes around a phrase (for requiring the phrase and not the words individually), all stopped working right. And Google whacks now start doing best guesses and stuff, instead of literal matches -- so they don't work.


In no company is it a good idea to publicly disagree with the Company, its policies, or the CEO. So a couple are almost understandable. But that's generally on ideas of business, vision, and things like that. On disagreeing with corporate culture? Personal or political beliefs are usually more allowed to have some disagreement. Google blurs the lines between personal and work, then complains when some people don't like the outcome.

I like Google. They've done some shitty things, but they do some good things. I love some of the people that work there, who are friends. I think the world is still net better off with Google than without it -- but I was much more confident of that 10 or 20 years ago, and the trend has been down. If it keeps going, I'm not certain that I'll be able to say that in 10 or 20 more years. I certainly disagree with them when they act like a cult. Some of it is overstated and some of it is real. But I'm complaining about some of the real stuff. Conservatives there are treated like shit, and that's wrong. I'd have the same problem if LGBT's, blacks, Jews or Women were treated like shit in any organization that I worked at. It's a job. If you're not adult enough to separate your work from your coworkers religious or political beliefs, then YOU are the one with the problem, not them. And if HR is militarizing your grievances, then they are the problem. Google HR has a fucking problem.

In 1995, two 20-something Ph.D. students from Stanford were looking for something to do their dissertations on, and decided that they should focus on a Web crawler and indexer research. Once they found funding and a revenue stream based on advertising, they became what's known in the Valley as a Unicorn: a multi-billion dollar company. And their saga from College Dormitory Culture to Corporate Cult began. Unfortunately, explosively rapid successes skip normal growth and maturing processes in corporations, and can create cults (or at least cult-like behavior). There's a line between corporate culture and conformity to the corporate line or expulsion, and that line seems to often get crossed at the Googleplex, without any of the normal checks and balances that might apply at a more moderate corporation.