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Gun Control is about people control.

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Gun Control

aka People control

The 2A was about the militia, applied to muskets, and not allowing "reasonable" gun controls is the cause of our higher murder/crime rates, especially assault rifles, and it's all the NRA and gun-fanatics fault. You can't trust your neighbors with guns or tools of the military. Fear the tool, fear those who want guns, vilify those who defend the constitution and want to protect people from tyranny. The militia was all men, they had fully automatic weapons in the 1700's, and it was never about muskets, we have over 55,000 gun control laws that annoy legal owners and do little to stop crime (lots to increase it), our murder/crime rates are better than most of the world, assault rifle is an invented term by people that don't understand guns, and the problem is there's no way to reason with someone who has a phobia of clowns, or that fear their neighbors having the liberty to own a gun. Both are irrational.
This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Guns, or the Gun Control debate. People that don't know these answers off the top of their heads aren't qualified to have an educated opinion, and we shouldn't run society by the tyranny of the ignorant. Each of the answers is a link that dives into the evidence that supports the answer.


Gun Controllers

If you doubt it, here's a list of people or organizations and their positions. Remember, if they TRULY cared about the issue, the would study it so they could make informed positions. But the biggest advocates for gun control are the most blatantly ignorant of the topic at all. (Either that or dishonest, or both). So we know they don't really care about the issue, they care about the votes, attention, or anything but how to make the topic better, or they would get informed and reach out to the other side, instead of demagogue and vilify: 49 items