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Reasonable gun-control is an oxymoron: it begs the question, which is a fallacy that assumes guilt/success as the premise. I ask, "why do you think a gun prohibition will work better than drugs, alcohol or the prohibition on murder?

The smartest Gun-Controllers in the room, can't explain a gun's basic operation, and don't know what a gun is (thinking it is a murder-machine), or if you ask them "What is an assault rifle?", most can't explain that is just cosmetic accessories on a low powered hunting rifle. They demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger (or the Beginner-Expert phenomenon), simultaneously knowing nothing, and getting mad at experts for contradicting them.

Gun-controllers (not all, but most) think things like:

So irrational hopolophobics (gun phobics) aren't informed, don't accept corrections, and use the same fear-based reasoning that causes arachnophobics to scream like a little-girl and feint at the site of spiders: it's all fear-based reasoning, as proven by:

Of course the reasonable know that laws can turn regular people into felons, but they can’t turn felons into regular people.

The question I ask is, "Do you think career politicians really don't know anything about guns or how to get laws passed -- or that they know better, and will stand on the graves of our children to get votes/money/power?" I suspect they aren't as dumb as they act, and they know better -- but they know that if they pass effective security improvements, then their best attention and campaign issue evaporates. Since they know this wouldn't be popular, they blame the other side for exactly what they're doing (commit the Big Lie™).

Gun Articles

🔫 Gun Basics These are some of the basics about Guns or Gun operations that anyone should know before they should form an opinion on how to address a "gun problem".

🔫 Gun History

🔫 These are some of the basics about Guns in the Media, or how the media handles guns, that everyone should know before they take what the media is offering them for granted.

🔫 There are stories about Government stifling or suffocating liberty and opportunity: almost always for the greater good. But if you're getting squashed or stymied by a jack-boot, it may not matter to you what the intentions were.

🔫 These are some of the basics about Guns Experiences, or my experiences with a gun, just to share some first person stories and help people understand my biases or where I'm coming from.

🔫 I think comparisons across countries (and cultures) are stupid: they are almost never done to increase insights, but to mislead the gullible for an agenda.

  • Countries account differently (like the UK only counts homicide when someone has been charged), we have different cultures, policing and racial breakdowns -- which completely changes the outcomes. Would you rather be burned to death in one Australia's murder-by-fire events, or run over by a truck in France?
  • Many countries with gun control have much higher violent crime, or their trends are worse than our trends, is that really a win?
  • Once you start normalizing for race/culture, you get some shocking discoveries, like the U.S. has a lower white murder rate than many places like the U.K. If guns cause crime, then why doesn't it cause more white crime? If gun control stops crime/violence, why doesn't it stop it in African or South American countries?
    • Over 3/4ths of America's gun violence seems to be focused around immigration or turf problems with Gangs in our Democrat-controlled inner-cities, which have strict gun controls. Why are Democrats 4x more likely to commit murder with lower gun ownership that Republicans?

If you truly care about the lives being lost, you'd dig for the answer to these questions. Most Democrats just call people names (like racist) and run-away from anything that might actually help or save lives. And they get outraged at science/facts that show that gun-control hasn't worked, or that many of America's problems comes from cultural conflict (due to our higher rates of diversity and immigration).