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This is an article about just a few of the "Issues" that Hillary has gotten into. Really, these are just the issues that aren't in one of the other topic areas Ethics, Greed, or Gaslighting. It's like the 7 deadly sins or something. I'm sure there's a few dozen or more examples that I, or the public will never know about.


These are the issues that don't fit in either Ethics, Greed, or Gaslighting.

Hillary Clinton: 2nd Amendment -
While Hillary tries to play the moderate to those that don't know better, if you have any understanding of her background, you'd know she'd be on the least constitutional, and certainly least pro-2nd Amendment Presidents we've ever had. For me, that's reason enough to never have voted for her. But the denials of those on the left come in two flavors: ignorance or polemics (trying to spin). If you know what you're talking about, there's no doubt of where she stands, only doubt on how successful she'd be at her agenda.

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi -
Like many things Hillary is involved in, at best she showed gross incompetence, and worst: criminal malfeasance -- always with a side of lies, sub-scandals, and opacity. There's so many scandals in Benghazi: (1) The incompetence of State by ignoring pleas for more security (2) The lies to the public that it was about a "video" (3) the lies that someone didn't block coming to their aid while under attack (4) the obstruction of justice on the investigation (5) the collusion between the Obama DOJ and the Clintons during the investigation (6) This started emailgate. Not to mention the whole why was the U.S. helping Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Libya, in the first place (as they'd done in Egypt)? So it was part of a wider fuck up of foreign policy. So while bad things happen, if the administration had owned the mistake, no problem (a little noise, and people would have gotten over it). But they lied, obstructed and still hold the position, "what difference does it make?" if you get multiple state department people killed, don't do everything to help them while they're under fire, and then lie and obstruct about it for years? Well, it's one of many things that contributed to her electoral loss. I think that's a difference that it made. This after decades of telling us that Russians would be our friends... now she blames her electoral loss on Russian (conspiring with the Republicans).

Hillary Clinton: Body-count -
This is not to claim a giant conspiracy by the Clintons, or that I buy in that they (or their allies) are having people "whacked" like a mafiaso movie. Heck, if I believed that, I probably wouldn't dedicate time to listing all of the Clinton's scandals, as I'm not suicidal. Sometimes a cigar is just a coincidence. This is just to point out that being a friend of the Clinton's doesn't seem to be good for your health. And those idiots playing 6 degrees of separation with Trump-Russia ties either think Hillary Clinton is having all these people killed, or are flaming hypocrites because there's no separation between the Clintons and these people dying around them.

Hillary Clinton: Healthcare Reform debacle (1993) -
When Bill Clinton was president he gave his wife some make-work projects to help with, to consistently disastrous results. The first was "Hillarycare". There's debate whether she was just doing Bill's bidding (and offering him cover), or she was the great negotiator she pretended, but it was a disaster. It also was clear what her motives and mode of operation was: secret negotiations to make government bigger, crony kickbacks, and a shrill reaction at other people's shrill reaction at being dictated to and cut out of the loop. A foretelling pattern?

Hillary Clinton: It takes a village -
In 1996 She "wrote" and published "It Takes a Village" a kids book / primer on socialism and her leftist ideology and the Law of Jante. Ignoring the questionable propriety of wives of Presidents getting fat publishing contracts for idiotic children books because their Husbands are elected to office, it was offensively insightful into her leftist indoctrination. (e.g. the optics were really, really bad, because she was accidentally open to how she thinks). The book was really written by Ghost Writer Barbara Feinman, which isn't a big deal (standard practice)... but when it was found out, Hillary downplayed Barbara's contributions, and then delayed Barbara's payment, which caused friction with Barbara. Being cheap/greedy, taking credit for other people's work, exposing her true radicalism, duplicity, and offending many people that worked with her, seems to be a reoccurring theme around Hillary. That and it being someone else's fault.

Hillary Clinton: Secretary of state (2009-2013) -
This is a plethora of crimes, fuck-ups and general assholishness around her brief tenure as secretary of state. Her biggest accomplishment was:
  • Offering a mis-translated reset button to the Russians mistranslated as "Overcharged"
  • Giving up Nuclear deterrents in Poland and Czech and got nothing in return except the invasion of Crimea and Ukraine (along with shooting down civilian aircraft, and invading Syria).
  • Hillary/State Department fought for 2 years to keep Boko Haram off the terrorist watch list, despite the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and over a dozen senators and congressmen all pleading with State to add them. Then in the Chibok schoolgirl kidnapping happend and things went to hell. And there's some evidence being done on whether Hillary was paid by a Nigerian Land Developer (through the Clinton Foundation) to delay adding them to the list (I kid thee not).
  • Then she re-arranged some bureaucracies, and left in disgrace when her botched administration contributed to the Benghazi debacle (where ignoring please for security/help lead to the deaths of 4 people, and then they mislead the public for weeks on the cause). Which lead to a multi-year cover-up (and obstruction of anything resembling an investigation), which exposed she illegally deleted emails, from an illegal private email server, that was illegally storing top secret material, and was illegally having their classification headers removed. (Most likely, to illegally retransmit them to someone else).

Memes-Hillary - List of Clinton Meme's. Meme's aren't "fair", they're pithy over-simplifications of the irony at some often complex and nuanced situations. And sometimes, damn funny. Hillary, Bill, Dress for the Job, Body Count.