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Who is Kamala Harris? A vile, anti-constitutional Attorney General, that became a vile Senator. And wants to become more, because fucking people for payouts is what she does. Literally.

Career Lowlights

Examples of Kamala'ing justice: Kamala : 18 items

Peruta v. San Diego - California was one of only 10 "May-issue" Conceal and Carry permits states (as opposed to "Shall-Issue"). Which means they can choose to use the "good cause" to set impossible standards that no one other than the politically connected or big police donors, to meet the standards -- thus they violate the intent of the law that is supposed to allow C&C permits (not deny them). Stacked on top of California not having open carry, it means that you have a right to have a gun, you just can't ever take it anywhere in California. And it's been ruled before that such restrictions violate the people's Second Amendment rights. The State's then A.G. (Kamala Harris) doesn't care about victims lives as much as her political career: and she had armed security guards, so that's all that mattered.
Kamala is a nasty person - To know her rhetoric is to know what kind of person she is:
  • She's a classless racist that drops F-Bombs in public speeches, but will whine about others tone/civility.
  • She repeatedly uses lies/false claims like her "129 million have pre-existing conditions and those meany republicans want to die, even WaPo has to call bullshit on that.
  • She uses histrionics on every topic like immigration (she's like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters), and gets mocked openly on Twitter for being a twit. [1]

Fucking her way to the top - Kamala Harris failed the bar when she first took it, and only got to the top, by being on the bottom (being Corrupt Mayor Willie Brown's mistress, while he was still married). While I don't have a problem with women (or men) taking advantage of their "network" to get ahead, it matters if it was above board, and who the partner was. Hiding her illicit affair, with a corrupt and inept hyper-partisan, who gave her lucrative double-dipping (simultaneous jobs) like assistant DA, California Medical Assistance Commission ($72K) and State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board ($98K) while they were having an affair? I guess if you're going to be a fraud and a whore, you might as well be a high priced one. The one issue I agree with her on is decriminalizing sex workers, but let's face it, that's just because she was one.
Descended from slave owners - It's not just that Kamala Harris is descended from slave owners. I personally don't believe in visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children. However, Kamala is for reparations for slavery: which does believe in that. So judging her by her own standards, her family is racist and owes money to other blacks. Why should we elect her until she's paid that debt? Since she comes from slave owners, she should lead by example.
Brett Kavanaugh -
The left has a rich history of politicizing and undermining the autonomy of the Supreme Court. Democrats put litmus tests on their sides appointments, and accuse the other side of doing the same -- but the truth is the right does not have to: their side fight for Constitutional originalism which limits federal power, while the left fights for activists who will invent laws from the bench (thus they need to know what those laws might be). This started with Samuel Chase and impeachment from the court in 1803 over judicial overreach and bad behavior. But in modern times the left invented slow rolling the other sides appointments, or outright blocking them on specious grounds. Then they invented the concept of "Borking" which is inventing lame excuses to slander justices to get them to withdraw, and undermine what is clearly a Presidential power. Ted Kennedy had actually tried it on Bill Rehnquist, immediately before Bork, but it had failed -- but the success of Bork'ing Bork, got them to repeated the effort with Douglas Ginsburg (successfully), and Clearance Thomas (unsuccessfully), and they still harass Thomas as a sexual deviant or Uncle Tom to this day. The latest was over Brett Kavanaugh. The far left had pre-printed posters to hate on whichever of the dozen Justices that Trump picked -- not for actual flaws in their character, or over bad rulings/behavior, but because they don't like constitutionalists on the court, and they were trying to get the Republicans back over their anger at not getting Merick Garland. They even leaked press releases with "{Insert Justice's Name Here}" in place of the actual justices name by accident. This wasn't about who was picked, it was that the far left (and their media) wasn't getting to stack the Supreme Court with anti-Constitutional radicals and so they found a far left activist to invent an unprovable claim of sexual harassment (back in the 10th grade: 36 years ago), and turned the process into a #metoo witch hunt.
2019.09.14 NYT Kavanaugh Smear -
Acting as a DNC's mouthpiece, the NYT published a hit-piece by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who were promoting their book attacking Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for being a sexual harasser. The shocking new allegation was about Brett having someone else put his penis in a girls hand during a party. This resulted in all the far lefties (Warren, Sanders, Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, The Squad) demanding Brett's impeachment before any conviction or evidence. The bigger problem is this scoop had already been investigated (and discounted), the woman (victim) doesn't have any memory of it happening, there are no other witnesses who corroborate it (and many that came forward to defend Brett), assuming we can imagine how some other friend can even get your penis to put it in someone else's hand. But the problem is how did a story that all other newspapers had passed on as being non-credible, make it past the times editors, after having all the exculpatory evidence get omitted from the article, get tweeted about, and get repeated on NPR. Even the other left-wing media outlets called bullshit on the NYT and said this was a big embarrassment for real journalism, while the Times has been distracting, attacking, blaming Fox for blowing this up, and changing the topic, and doing anything but sincerely apologizing and firing those responsible.
2019.04.02 Misleading Teacher Salary claims - Harris put out a completely deceptive and dishonest claim, "that teachers pay is falling short of living wage in 30 states" and we need the fed to help. FakeNews Politifact backed her up, because completely misleading, if you parse everything she said in a way that most of her readers won't, then she's technically not wrong, so they mislabelled it as mostly true. Something they'd never do for a conservative.
2019.03.14 Lies about Pence - Vice President Pence once mentioned that he avoids working 1:1 dinners with females, out of respect for his wife. (Not that anything would happen, but best to avoid the illusion). The left/media exaggerated that to he's never alone with a woman. Kamala Harris (the whore who slept with her boss to get promotions) is either ignorant or a maliciously lying when she exaggerates that further to imply it holds Women back. And one of Pence's top female Senior Advisors puts the smack down on the California puta. It's one thing to be a caustic hypocrite, but don't be stupid and draw attention to it.
2019.02.27 Immigration Lies - Kamala lied ("Mischaracterized") to CNN about her immigration policy, and CNN accidentally did a random act of journalism by reporting it. Basically, in 2008, Kamala (as D.A.) was reporting juvenile undocumented immigrants arrested (but not yet convicted) to ICE for deportation, even though Sanctuary City (since 1989) so she didn't have to. When CNN's Misty Rebik asked about it, Kamala lied (as is her way), and claimed it was an "unintended consequence" of a policy she opposed. Misty called bullshit. When a Democrat gets called out by CNN you know it's bad.
2019.02.21 Will Happer Climate Denialist? - If you read FakeNews sites like Newsweek, WaPo or NYT, or read the tweets of far-left loons like Kamala Harris, you'd think the President put a radical anti-Science guy in charge of Climate Change study, instead of distinguished Princeton Physics professor emeritus, fellow of the American Physical Society, member of the National Academy of Science and the JASON group, who doesn't deny that increasing CO2 might have some small influence on climate. But does question the magnitude of the influence, whether the benefits of more CO2 are being ignored, and the cost/benefits of reducing CO2.
2019.01.29 Jussie Smollett - 💩 Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).
2018.11.15 Compares ICE to the KKK - Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris compared ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) during a Senate hearing. She also implied they act like a terrorist organization toward foreign nationals who are illegally in the United States, without backing up how. Nasty, nasty way to treat people who defend our country.
2012.02.26 Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman -
A non-racist latino community-watch guy responds to being mounted, beaten and having his head bounced off the cement by shooting and killing 17 year old, 5'11", tattooed, gold-grilled, drugged up, MMA fight-club teen that ambushed him, because Zimmerman made the mortal offense of not liking a thug casing houses in his neighborhood in the rain.

The media and left spin it as Saint Trayvon (the honor student), showing him when he was 12, was killed for wearing a hoodie in a white neighborhood, while getting skittles for his sick brother. That's a lot better than showing the gangsta thug at his true age, and explaining he had drug ingredients and was stoned.
2012.02.12 Sabotaged Pension Reform - California is being bankrupted by bad pension systems, but Kamala was bought and paid for by organized labor ($600,000 in campaign contributions). So when a ballot initiative was being put up to help fix the pension crisis, Kamala got to write the description, so she lied at said it “eliminates constitutional protections for current and future public employees’ vested pension benefits.” She was sued, but leftist judges ignored common sense and let it stand. It came up again in 2014, and again she just got to write in such a misleading way that it was doomed, and costing California billions, and the problem still hasn't been resolved.
2010 The biggest loser D.A. - Her tenure as D.A. had the following achievements that guaranteed her the success in the DNC:
  • She was the worst D.A. / Prosecutor in California (of any of the top-10 cities) with 53-55% conviction rates, while the statewide average was 83%.
  • Her prosecutors (when she was A.G.) got caught faking evidence to get their conviction records up, otherwise they would have been even lower.
  • Her office failed in its duty to report Police Officers past criminal/misconduct history in more than 80 cases, putting hundreds of felony convictions in jeopardy.

2010 Scheme bypasses campaign contribution limits - Through a 2010 (and 2016) scheme (only legal in California), Kamala Harris paid $63,000 to Maxine Waters daughter, to be in a slate mailer that helped Kamala win elections in exchange for Maxine getting more money in her campaign than is legally allowed though other means. Remember Dinesh D'Souza went to prison for donating $20,000 to a long time friend: but laws only seem to apply to Republicans in California. With the corrupt Waters election machine behind her, Kamala crushed her opposition
2010 Election Corruption - In 2010 she was losing by 62,000 votes to become Attorney General when she called up her friend California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, whose job it was to certify votes, and suddenly many thousands of her opposition (Steve Cooley's) votes just disappeared. After provisional ballots were counted, she was declared the winner by approximately 50,000 votes -- in what many felt was a corrupt election
2006 Missing $3.7 Million - Harris was questioned about $3.7M that she received in 2006 for Border Cases, she spent none of it on its intended purpose, and was a Sanctuary City (shielding illegal immigrant felons from prosecution) and letting them go free to murder people in her city instead. The Feds could find no evidence that Harris had spent their (our) money for its intended purpose, and she can't explain where the money went. Can you imagine what the IRS would say if you claimed to have misplaced $3.7M and had no idea where it was?


Other than she lies, cheats, steals and is an incompetent Lawyer and D.A., a nasty and divisive person, that she only advanced through being whore, she's a flaming hypocrite, she screwed over California taxpayers for union dollars, then she's a good person. Assuming "good" is synonymous with spiteful twat that I would put in charge of a Burger Barn, let alone the country. She belongs in and to California, with her nasty coven of corrupt people around her.


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