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Links to other sites that have more information.
Some Sites and Articles debunking common climate "truths", that aren't so true, or at least not very proven. Skepticism is Science, Consensus is Politics. These places offer evidence that should give the rational pause. If activists don't have concerns about this evidence (and can't refute it), or if they attack the source instead of the arguments, then they aren't Scientists, they're polemics/activists/frauds.

Links-Climate : 3 items

📜Paris Climate Accord Links - There was screaming about how we needed to sign the Paris Climate Accord, or how removing ourselves from it was the end of humanity. The facts are:
  • it was a huge, economy destroying cost
  • it would have had no significant impact on the Climate (or Climate Change) even if followed
  • the U.S. had exceeded the objectives without ever being a ratifier of it.

📚The Hockey Schtick - Physicist Dr. Fred Singer: The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change. But it's not rising at a rate that should concern us, and there is nothing we can do about it, except to build dikes and sea walls a little bit higher.

📄Tuvalu Ocean rise - Tuvalu is the Pacific island group often cited by climate alarmists as the nation most immediately at risk from rising sea levels caused by ‘global warming’. Ocean risk was never a problem, it was more a debate on plate tectonics. But a University of Auckland study examined that problem in detail, and concluded that it is not sinking after all, it's actually been rising. So the cries that we needed to take climate refugees were all chicken little's premature delusions.


California governor blames devastating wildfires on climate change and says deadly winter infernos will be 'the new normal'. Science denies both.

Persecution of Climate Change deniers (e.g. skeptical scientists):

If the facts support your side, why won't they have a fair debate?