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Cry bullies both cry and bully, hence the name: and they took over the leftist media. If the leftist media didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.

Here's a few Memes about FakeNews, FakeNewsmen, FakeHate and just Fakes: Memes-Fake : 22 items

This has some examples of Propaganda meme's that are popular, like those from US Uncut (the "Opposite of America") series. But ThinkProgress, MoveOn, OccupyDemocrats all use the same disinformation that is black propaganda. Despite claims that they're "grass roots", they are astroturf: sponsored directly or supported by Soros organizations. Memes-Propaganda : 8 items

Here's a few Memes about my favorite FakeNews outlet: Memes-CNN : 15 items