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The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a racist organizations wrapped in the camouflage of civil rights. Of course it wasn't always like that. Founded in 1909, as a follow-on to the 5 year older Niagara Movement, it was created during the Jim Crow era, and meant to help prevent oppression against their constituency based on race. A noble mission. And many things they've done have been net positive for our society and humanity. But that hardly makes them flawless, or means their current mission today matches their original charters. They are devolving into being for racist reparations, racist quotas, fanatical far-left causes, identity politics (supporting black candidates if they're far left, and opposing them or any whites if they're conservative), and becoming something far different than their original intent.


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  • Reparations - The idea of Reparations is moronic and racist. We have too much mixing to be able to separate those blacks who traded or had slaves, from whites who found against it, and immigrants who had nothing to do with either. It is not judging a man on the content of his character, but punishing/rewarding based on the color of his skin -- and that's vile. It's also what the NAACP has devolved into, which is not about helping people who suffered (which can never be resolved since all are dead), but to exert power and remake America into a more unjust and authoritarian country.
  • 2019.01.29 Jussie Smollett - 💩 Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).
  • 2018.04.13 NAACP President a liar - 💩NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie posted to Facebook about how he was just racially profiled on a traffic stop. Not only is that argument stupid (you often can't tell the race of someone in a car at night before you pull them over), but it turned out to be false. The fact that the NAACP doesn't fire him, shows that they like having race baiters represent them, or at least honesty/credibility on race, is not a prerequisite for working there or representing them
  • 2017.06.01 Paris Climate Accord - The ACLU moronically claims that pulling out of the do-nothing Paris Climate Accord was fostering racism, other outlets claim it's the end of civilization (or American leadership). If they could do basic economics, they'd remember that the 400,000 jobs that the billions of dollars to Paris would have cost, would most likely have to come from somewhere, and that's usually those on the bottom end of the employment scales (which are often minorities). Every place that repeated that claim without mocking it, was propagating FakeNews.


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Written 2018.05.15 Edited: 2019.02.18