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A magazine that fell from mediocrity into the annals of incompetent partisanism. Once semi-reputable Newsweek started making supermarket tabloids embarrassed with articles like the following...


Some examples of FakeNews (or just shoddy journalism): Newsweek : 18 items

National Rifle Association -
The NRA is like the ACLU once was, except specifically for the 2nd Amendment. They are not a vile organization that hates kids, in fact, they spend most of their resources on training gun safety. They do not oppose common sense gun control, most progressives just don't know what that looks like. And they don't own politicians, they don't have enough money or members to do either. Those that claim otherwise are uninformed haters.

ICE - The friend of your friend may not be your friend. And an enemy of your enemy, may not be your enemy. Many people on the left, are of the opinion that because Trump is for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), or because ICE sometimes does bad things, that ICE must be bad. The truth is that they do a needed service, but some of the laws, regulations or policies they are required to follow are bad. But that's a problem with the policy, not with the organization. The alternative to ICE, is violence. Many media outlets totally FakeNewsed their stories on the organization/issue.

Greta Thunberg -
A clueless girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and the FakeNews/left activists and their media treat it like it's a significant event. It's child abuse. Greta Thunberg is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane ) that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents), to the point of raging over things that aren't science and she has no fucking clue about. She's the voice/image of the radical "Global Climate Strike" crowd, so the media/far-left is using her like the Cartel (Human Traffickers) use any other teenage girl. Twitter is blocking people (Avi Yemini) for challenging her dogma with the facts. Her school and parents failed her into become like any cult victim / zealot. But her nasty little eco-fascism theology proves that there's still plenty of evil in the world, as demonstrated by those that set this mini-fanatic on us, and expect us to take her seriously.

Friendlier than a Golden Retriever - You can't make this shit up, but Newsweek published an article from their writer (Tae Phoenix) that said she's more scared of Golden Retrievers than Antifa. Sure, because she's likely to put on a mask and beat old men with bats like they do?

2020.01.24 Genocide Warning - The National Socialists coined "The Big Lie" -- a lie so audacious that no one will believe you could be saying it, if it wasn't true. (And usually it's more true about you/your side than the other side). When Newweek gets an "expert" (Trans-Activist Brynn Tannehill) to claim that Trump will"facilitate atrocities against minority groups"... based on what?
  • "themes and patterns" that she never identified
  • in "economically struggling nations where living standards are falling" only ours aren't
  • and that Trump is "repeatedly accused of various forms of racism" but an accusation isn't guilt or evidence of anything other than the bias of the people making the claim. * Tannehill mentions anything that makes others "unworthy of empathy" is evidence of that... and skips over the part where Democrats and their media regularly do that to Conservatives, Trump and Trump supporters. Like she does in this very piece far more than anything Trump has done or said, but she offer no examples to be discredited.
This isn't News, this is hate speech wrapped in propagnda. Which means Newsweek/Brynn is guilty of that which they are accusing the other side: E.g. The Big Lie™

2019.10.08 Newsweak blows Gun Control argument - Newsweek's Asher Stockler quotes a University of Michigan study on gun-death rates and misrepresents the facts that, the only two states that saw decrease in firearm mortality rates, were strict gun control, California, New York, and DC. Unfortunately for them, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all saw decreases as well. And NV, AZ both have constitutional carry and very 2A-friendly laws. Also Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois are strict gun control states and they saw a big increases in the gun death rates (>20%), far more than other gun friendly states. And if you glance beyond the surface, in most of the states that saw increases, that increase is due to an uptrend in suicides (not murder or crimes), and suicide rates went up faster than gun suicide rates. So the point is enact gun control and have your suicide and gun deaths go up? Or is it just that leftist outlets like Newsweek lie to their readers.

2019.09.20 Forced Hair Cutting - A 6th Grade Virginia Private school girl (who was black) accused three white classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair... and that made national news. The FakeNews used it repeat their fabrications about national race problems or worse, coupled it to Jeff Pence (VP) and his wife. Racism is everywhere! Now the accuser admits the allegations were false. The problem isn't just with the people who cry wolf, it's with the media that sensationalizes these FakeNews stories for clicks (chasing the algorithm before fact checking).Some are more responsible with corrections than others, but corrections wouldn't be necessary if we had responsible journalism waiting to get the facts, instead of sensationalizing every accusation with national front page headlines, and back page retraction.

2019.07.22 Racist Dog - Newsweak's slogan on twitter is "Stay relevant. News and analysis on politics, science, technology, and culture". Their relevant tweet and supporting article was that, Ivanka had bought her daughter an all white dog (Husky). And they linked such hard hitting news as the shit-tweets by hateful Newsweek readers and Clinton staffers, like, "all white and blue eyes is on brand. F*** off.", "The dog will fit right in.", "Does it sit and sieg heil yet?", or "everyone hates you for being a spoon fed nothing grifter who's full of s***... maybe a shelter dog would show humanity," That's their idea of newsworthy vetted article and retweets. Can you imagine how the left would react if someone caught one of Obama's daughters eating fried chicken or watermelon and made equally offensive slurs?

2019.04.30 Newsweek and Reich - Two little fascists sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Democrats are trying to subvert a legally won election, and attack anyone who exposes the truth about Hillary and Obama's Russian collusion. So they threatened to go after (subpoena) Attorney General William P. Barr because he accurately paraphrased the Mueller Report. Just like Obama did with Eric Holder (but this with more legal justification and less obstruction), Trump said, "no thank you". Executive Privilege applies and the AG doesn't have to testify. And mini-Marx lost his shit and Reich misinformed his students, again, on what this is about using lies of omission and commission to make his followers dumber and more like him.

2019.02.21 Will Happer Climate Denialist? - If you read FakeNews sites like Newsweek, WaPo or NYT, or read the tweets of far-left loons like Kamala Harris, you'd think the President put a radical anti-Science guy in charge of Climate Change study, instead of distinguished Princeton Physics professor emeritus, fellow of the American Physical Society, member of the National Academy of Science and the JASON group, who doesn't deny that increasing CO2 might have some small influence on climate. But does question the magnitude of the influence, whether the benefits of more CO2 are being ignored, and the cost/benefits of reducing CO2.

2019.01.02 Trump will resign in 2019 - Newsweek claims that Trump will resign in exchange for immunity for him and his family. The opinion of a former Bush advisor (Alan J. Steinberg), as reported in the New Jersey Star-Ledger, using the tried and true method of pulling it out of his ass. He figures Trump is a deal maker, so he'll make a deal, for no known crime or reason, because, "Why not?" When you repeat something, you're loaning your name/reputation to it, as Newsweek did. Can you imagine a credible magazine reporting such innuendo on any Democrat President?

2018.07.27 Twice the Speed of Light - There was the time they claimed that Virgin Galactic travelled twice the speed of light. While just a gaffe, it's such a blatant one that it shows incredibly shoddy journalism that it ever got through.

2018.04.11 NRA, Russians and Newsweek - Newsweek scoop of the decade, that lots of places picked up: an article talking about 23 Russia-linked "donors" to the NRA. ZOMG. Then in the fine print... it was $2,500 total, over 3 years, the majority likely ex-pats or diplomats stationed abroad. No evidence the NRA knew or was soliciting. And there's no reason that the Russian government supporting a civil rights organization in the U.S. is a bad thing. Would the left scream if 23 Russians donated millions to Planned Parenthood or the Red Cross?

2017.11.29 Ivanka plagiarized herself - They tried to imply that Ivanka, by repeating parts of her own speech was plagiarizing... herself. That's not how any of this works. Then they altered their headline to "recycled" when called on it.

2017.10.25 Why Trump hates dogs? - Hard hitting journalists ask the big questions, "dog is famously man's best friend—but it is not this president's" And because Trump used the phrase "Couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee” it's obvious that he's a canine-hater.

2016.11.07 Madam President - Some were a bit outraged when a "Madam President" issue of Newsweek leaked out, before the election was over. But the truth is they worked with a partner to pre-prepared both versions of the magazine, and the partners bet on pre-printing was wrong. So this was much ado about nothing.

2016.09.23 Bush lost 22 Million Emails - Ignoring that the point of their whataboutism was to distract from Hillary Clinton's high crimes of intentionally deleting government property and evidence of her crimes, while Bush's was a temporary (and rectified) transition. Most of the lies in their "Bush lost 22 Million Emails" piece are lies of omission, in at least this event kinda happened, just not in how they represented it.

2014.03.06 Man who invented Bitcoin - The opening story after their big re-launch was on the man Newsweek doxxed and claimed, "Invented Bitcoin"... and he denies inventing bitcoin. First they stood by the story, then they corrected it. That's kinda a big fuck up.

Then there's the errors that are just screwups, or Newsweek behaving as a shill for DNC:


You'll notice all their mistakes are against conservatives, moderates or libertarians. I have yet to find a case where their "accidents" were against a liberal/progressive or far lefty. Which shows the lack of diversity as well as the lack of quality.