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George Orwell, brilliant author of books such as 1984 and Animal Farm, that warned of the decline of civilization through Socialism, Collectivism, and Group-Think. And explained all their fallacies through allegories that the left doesn't think is a warning, but as an instruction manual.

Examples: 7 items

  • Thought Crime -
    In 1949, George Orwell wrote his cautionary book titled Nineteen Eighty-Four, positing what a world would look like by the year 1984. After all, he’d seen what the trends of Socialism had done to the world around him (in England and the U.S., USSR, Germany, China, and so on). And I'm not talking about just the economic devastation, but the broader cultural intolerance, purges, revisionism and demanding conformity that is a prerequisite to enable Social ownership (and the resulting loss of individual liberty). So he just imagined and documented where the current cultural trajectory would most likely lead, if unimpeded. Sadly, while his timing was off, we're still heading in that direction.
  • Net Neutrality - The left fought for "Net Neutrality", which really means giving the government taxing and regulatory authority over the Internet. It is a Mao suit: one-size-fits all, poorly -- to defend us from choice and free will. Imagine the idea of "mail neutrality": where you're only allowed to charge one fee for mailing a letter, or a 500 lbs. refrigerator, any distance: one price fits all. We had no net neutrality for the first 60+ years of networking, the Obama admin invented a few "regulations" in 2015 to protect us from liberty (imaginary demons under the bed and non-problems that weren't happening), and the left/media act like repeal of that (liberty) will be end of days.
  • Department of Rainbows - In virtually every Company and University they have or are created a Department of Rainbows (Diversity). While I like the idea, the implementations seem to be falling far short. And much of their imagery and attitude is questionable at best. Look, I love my LGBT friends and family as much as my friends of all colors and races, but that doesn't mean all radical activists or their symbols are always good. Activists by nature aren't moderates. So while I can get behind them at the starts of their causes (while they are demanding freedom from oppression and equality of opportunity), once the activists take over and they devolve into marxist special interest proclaiming superiority, demanding special privileges, or demanding equality of outcomes? They lose me.
  • Alternate Reality - My world view was formed early with things like in the 5th Grade while studying The American Revolution, I found out that what my teachers were teaching me was far from the whole truth: it had lies of omission and commission, and that if I wanted to really know something, I had to become a critical thinker: skeptical of what I was told, and to dive in a research what they weren't telling me. Lefties never got that memo, and will vehemently defend their fiction against any and all documented proof to the contrary. They hated me in school for arguing with the teacher, especially when I won, and it hasn't gotten better with age or social media. Mere facts, books, pictures or video just makes them madder. While learning something new is exciting to me, for them, conceding their heroes were wrong is ripping the foundation of their reality away. So while they demanded we speak truth to power, they didn't mean we speak actual truth to actual power. Their ego needs a flock, a safe space and their fake truth -- while mine needs the freedom to question, learn and accept facts that matched the data before my eyes. All my world view offers them is a dark and scary world with doubt, growth and enlightenment. This article is just a few examples where our realities collide.
  • Alternate History - There's real history, and the left's history -- they have very little in common. Very little. When I read Howard Zinn, or Karl Marx's view of the world -- it sounds like an average far left intersectional Democrats view of the world. While it has names in common with mine, the facts have been changed to protect the guilty and convict the innocent.
  • 2019.01.20 Covington Catholic High School - 💩The New York Times published an article “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native American Elder at Indigenous People’s March,” and many other outlets (CNN, WaPo, etc), piled on without verifying. OrangeMan is so bad, that just wearing his hat makes you a racist. Only, the details leaked out that it was the Catholic teens minding their own business (on a class trip) when the Native American demonstrator/activist (Nathan Phillips: not a Vietnam War Veteran as WaPo and other claimed) marched up, beat drums, push into center of student group, call teens names, and then accused the kids of surrounding him and saying racist things, all false.
  • 2+2≈1984 - This is about a torturous mind-fuck in George Orwell's book about Socialism (1984). In it, there's a perverse exchange between the victim (Winston) and his tormentor (O'Brien), where O'Brien is being a good progressive socialist, is trying to force Winston into accepting non-reality as reality. Torturing Winston until he admits that 2+2=5, even though he knows it's not true. He must not only say it, but truly believe it. And that's what the Politically Correct movement today is about, how mentally compliant you are, and how to bully and torment everyone who is not.


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